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Posted By: Twenty-something

Posted On: July 1st
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Free download tracks from OS

Unrelated to the poll but I'm looking for some info that I couldn't find in details on the site so I wanted to check here.

On the forthcoming reissues, tracks that were once available ('07-'08) to listen on the official site are labeled as 'previously unreleased' - which I agree with as they were not "offered" to have. And then there's "For All Of Us", which was offered as a free download ('00-'01), labeled as 'previously unreleased on CD'. That means PSB consider the 'free download' tracks as officially released, even if in a very limited way.

As I wasn't involved back then, I would like to know how many and which tracks were available for free on the OS in the past. I've looked around and here's what I could find:

For All Of Us (studio version?, soon to be on Nightlife FL)
Positive Role Model (studio version?, same as on Disco 3?)

My Night (studio version by the cast, as on the soundtrack but full length?)
Positive Role Model (by Paul Keating, Almighty remix but what length?)

If anyone can confirm the versions, time/order of availability and if there were more - that would be very helpful. Thanks!

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: July 1st
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RE: Free download tracks from OS

"For All of Us" (a demo also known as the "Piano Version") and the full-length version of "My Night" were both definitely at one time briefly available for listening on the official PSB website. I'm afraid I can't provide the dates, however.

I'm not aware of either version of "Positive Role Model" having been available on the official site, but I may have missed that.

I hope this helps.


Posted By: Twenty-something

Posted On: July 1st
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RE: Free download tracks from OS

Thank you for your reply. I'm familiar with the many 'listen-only' tracks that were on the official site about 10 years ago, but since they weren't offered for download - I don't take them as officially released (and neither do PSB going by new reissues). I'm rather interested in knowing about tracks that were put up for free download (in 2001?), as that does change their status to 'officially released' then.

I can only find bits of info on your website, Gardner's discography and the forum - but never the full thing. Your site has info on For All Of Us and My Night but not the other two (or more). Some old forum posts hint that Positive Role Model (Disco 3 version, I assume) was first released this way, which would then alter the chronology of some of my lists. If no more info surfaces, I guess I'll settle for those forum posts as correct.

Posted By: Twenty-something

Posted On: July 7th
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RE: Free download tracks from OS

Thanks to daveid from the PSB forum, I found out about Wayback Machine which helped me access the old website and answer my questions at last.

Studio versions of Positive Role Model and For All Of Us were first available as exclusive downloads to those who registered a Pethead profile on then newly relaunched site (relaunch had happened sometime in the first half of 2001). k:80/default.asp?whatSection=news&bgcolor=7f5199 (on the right, scroll down)

The other two tracks followed at the end of 2001 as a Christmas gift. No registration was needed for these, the free MP3s were in the news section. Amazingly, they're still there in the web archives. What a lovely trip down memory lane this was, I loved the old website. k:80/setup.asp?whatSection=news_archive&bgcolor=7f5199 (on the left, December, scroll down)


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