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Posted By: Alan

Posted On: March 4th
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At my retirement celebration


I knew that I would be at a loss for words during my recent retirement celebration, I borrowed some words that I knew well...Pet Shop Boys song titles. It was easy for me to talk about PSB and I spoke at length to my colleagues, many of whom had never heard of PSB, trying to convince them to listen to PSB music at their leisure via their favorite music platform...and that I hoped they could find some entertainment there.

I compiled a list of 30 PSB songs, one for each year of my employment, that are quite descriptive, BY TITLE ONLY, of my feelings about my circumstances throughout my 30 year career. This playlist is only possible through an extended employment of a good Double Entendre, which lyricist Neil has unintentionally provided me. It is my tribute to Neil/Chris for helping me make it through all those exasperating days when I just couldn't do anything more than put on a heap of PSB tunes and escape...In his imagination

For those interested, here is my playlist:

-A different point of view: More than 1 way to achieve a goal
-A red letter day: Something good's coming my way
-After the event: What's next?
-Breathing space: Escape
-Delusions of grandeur: Do you really expect those results?
-Friendly fire: The wrath of supervisors
-Happiness is an option: I'll do it my way
-Hey, headmaster: My principal's got issues
-How can you expect to be taken seriously?: You can catch more flies with honey
-I didn't get to where I am today: Trust that I am the professinal that you hired me to be
-I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore: I just can't do this job anymore
-It couldn't happen here: A school should be a safety zone
-Left to my own devices: Allow me to do what I know how to do
-Legacy: My reputation proceeds and succeeds me
-Liberation: Free at last!
-Memory of the future: Deja vu
-Miserabilism: Dance with who brung ya!
-My head is spinning: No time to think
-No time for tears: No time to cry
-Numb: I just don't know what to do next
-Pandemonium: It's gonna be one of those days
-So sorry I said: I didn't really mean it (but I really did!)
-The dictator decides: The inmates are running the asylulm
-The ghost of myself: I'm not as good as I used to be
-The Sodom and Gomorrah show: Everything happens here
-This must be the place I waited years to leave: Crescendo
-To step aside: Decrescendo
-Up against it: Back to the wall
-Was it worth it?: Have I wasted all these years
-What have I done to deserve this?: You really should treat me better
-You choose: It's all about choice


Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: March 4th
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RE: At my retirement celebration

That's delightful, and wonderfully imaginative! Thanks so much for sharing!


Posted By: Dan J

Posted On: March 4th
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RE: RE: At my retirement celebration

Great post, great song list..!

Posted By: Andie

Posted On: March 5th
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RE: RE: At my retirement celebration

That's brilliant Alan, I love it!!

Posted By: Robert Schulz

Posted On: March 6th
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RE: At my retirement celebration

Sort of what music means when we need it. I am having this in my daily life to play with what songs are about.

Posted By: Alan

Posted On: March 6th
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RE: At my retirement celebration


Now here's the best part of the story:

I was a Spanish teacher who taught at the same public school for 30 years. One can tell how much one has been appreciated by the amount of money collected to buy their retirement present. My Department Chairperson knew that I was a huge PSB in addition to the obligatory retirement clock...she collected enough money for me to buy a seat on a plane and a seat at the PSB concert in Mexico!


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