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Posted By: Eilka

Posted On: March 6th
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Being Boring

This week PSB website shared this link about the history of Being Boring.
I think they are extracts of interviews back then. And the New York Times article used the ones that fit "better"
I think there are some remarkable things you can say easily about it.

Chords used in Being Boring Neil confess are "inspired" by Stock/Aitken/Waterman I think thise are the same as Together Forever by Rick Astley , some other songs by SAW as they released tones of singles each month they used similar chords even the same song for several of their artists.
PSB wanted SAW to produce some single but they didnt at the end because Neil/Chris wanted only their songs and SAW were only accepting if the Boys sing a track written by them
That would have been an Introspective era song

My thoughts: Thats why when they didnt come to a deal The Boys "stole" their chrods.

On the article they mention drum, there are no roland tr 909 nor tr 808 on Being Boring, any producer can tell you that. They must be talking about sonhard or the end of the world (enjoy the silence inspired)

The only thing I can say it's genuine are the lyrics, and many come from excerpts and or books.

Pet Shop Boys are a magnificent band but reading this you end up thinking twerk things and that they didnt even trust on this song until some time, largely overrated, it wasnt a hit because its a song to listen not to dance or to have a hard rotation on radio stations like So Hard or Where the streets (they had to do this one for their Performance tour had better impact on radios aka have promo to get people go to their concerts)
Its time to tell the things like they are

Posted By: Eilka

Posted On: March 6th
Views: 94
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RE: Being Boring

PSB had already used a very similar chord change on the chorus of “Kings Cross” before the big SAW hits.


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