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Posted By: FrankBos

Posted On: Jul 14, 2019
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and how much further can one go?

I chose To Step Aside, Hit & Miss, and Electricity

This has been the weakest group so far for me in terms of selection. The only true standout "masterpiece" (and highly underrated PSB track) is "To Step Aside". I love the lyrics, the music and Neil's vocal on this as well, and would put it up there with Can You Forgive Her and Being Boring as one of the top 10 all time PSB songs.

Beyond that, I was lukewarm on the other choices, especially the b-sides of this era, which I find mostly generic coming after the fantastic b-sides of the Very and Behaviour era. I selected Hit & Miss because I like the lyrics and find it slightly hypnotic. And I came late to enjoying Electricity, but I selected it because I have myself over the years often quoting bits of lyrics from it to myself! A lot of clever or funny one liners in that song.

I don't get the appeal of most of the b-sides in this era..songs like confidential, view from your balcony, calm before the storm, somewhere , disco potential and betrayed (a poor imitation of EBTG's Walking Wounded album era) aren't very interesting or memorable to me.

That being said, those lyrics to To Step good !!!!!

Posted By: Luca

Posted On: Jul 15, 2019
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RE: and how much further can one go?

Well said.

It's great to see love for To Step Aside, I like it a lot and was also one of my picks for this poll. Besides, it seems to be so underrated among fans.

My other picks were It always come as a surprise (it almost made me cry when I first listened to it) and Before. I know it's not going to be a popular choice, and I myself don't rate it at the very top, but somehow I find its sound defining of this era and makes me remember watching the video on TV for the first time, was it autumn 1996?

Posted By: FrankBos

Posted On: Jul 15, 2019
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RE: and how much further can one go?

Glad to see the love for To Step Aside.

I also had considered "Before", based primarily on the remix CD single that was out at the time, as there were some really good (and disco-y) extended mixes that made the song a joy to listen to. Thought the lyrics were sort of "fluff" when it originally came out, but not every song has to have brilliant lyrics, but the production and harmonizing on the chorus, combined with the remixes, make the song a winner.

Posted By: Porkchopkid

Posted On: Jul 15, 2019
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RE: and how much further can one go?

It always comes as a surprise was my top pick. Hit and miss and to step aside.
Never liked before.


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