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Posted By: Adam Yarco

Posted On: Mar 10, 2002
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British feds

no mention of a british fed :'(

s'pose its cos we "ALL suck" yeah?

Posted By: Rave

Posted On: Mar 24, 2002
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RE: British feds

yeah, where are the british feds?!

Posted By: James Joell

Posted On: Apr 19, 2002
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RE: RE: British feds

Yea where the **** are the british feds? Where does mention that its an all USA fed, do something about it otherwise BWX will trample all over your ass with our 2 servers and great web designing skills.

Posted By: Rizo

Posted On: Apr 27, 2002
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RE: RE: British feds

get outta ya own ass James

and compared to the 6 feds in there-ENBW,SWA,SWF and PCWA dont measure up i feel,they obviously feel that way 2.

Posted By: James Joell

Posted On: Apr 30, 2002
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RE: RE: British feds

Kiss my ass rizla lol. U know i have the resources to put this site to shame, in a flick of a finger i could change it to be a worldwide site but we dont want that do we.


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