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Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: July 29th
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Sort of miffed

I was too late to the parade to get one of the Limited copies, and would likely have bought one. Some of us in different time zones to the UK should, I think, be given the opportunity to buy something like that with maybe a delayed release of some of the copies? Just a thought.

Anyway, on reflection I'm sort of not AS bothered as I might be if it were some limited CD or vinyl. I can still enjoy the hardback of the book, and I'll keep a second copy as "mint", for a fraction of the price.

Posted By: yiannis

Posted On: July 29th
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RE: Sort of miffed

27% not buying it? call yourselves proper fans. Oh Dear.

Posted By: Raymond

Posted On: July 29th
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RE: Sort of miffed

I would liked to have seen another voting option: "Neil's written a book!?! When did that happen? This is the first I've heard of it."

Posted By: EW99

Posted On: July 30th
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RE: Sort of miffed

£15 for an introduction and a poem? Nope I'm not a "proper fan". I'll happily pay pretty huge money for exclusive music but this is not something that interests me particularly.

Posted By: Alberto

Posted On: July 30th
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RE: Sort of miffed

Same to me... I've expended a lot of money in PSB music, several editions of each album and single, but I'm not specially interested in a lyrics book (and a poem :))

I would be happy to have a Neil signature, buy &85 it's quite expensive for it.

BTW I've my own PSB lyrics book since many years ago, just copy, paste, formatting, printing (I call it "Lyrically" ^ ^)

Posted By: PDUBOKC

Posted On: August 4th
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RE: Sort of miffed

I am ALSO miffed. I would have bought a signed edition but, with living in the United States, by the time I woke up and saw it----it was sold out in the U.K. I am NOT happy.


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