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Posted By: Jumbotrousers

Posted On: July 30th
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I will buy it eventually, but I feel it's a bit of a cop out / cash-in, as we already know the lyrics to these 100 songs (presumably). I would have rather had an auto-biography or a book of poems or essays.

And I know I'm going to have loads of people saying "You don't have to buy it", "It's the artist's decision how to present their own art" and other similar comments but you won't change my mind - it's cashing in on fandom (especially the deluxe collector's edition), and there's nothing wrong with that - ultimately it's business, but I'm still disappointed nontheless.

Posted By: Zazou

Posted On: July 30th
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RE: Disappointed - me too but......

I kind of agree but think the book will give us devotees an insight into NT's opinion of his own work with the 100 lyrics he has chosen.

I would like to know if the lyrics will be the full song lyrics or mere extracts or chosen excerpts that NT considers his favourites etc.

I did, at first, think that the book was not intended for PSB fans given that it can only be an abridged version of the lyrics section that Wayne has so superbly curated on this web site! However, it would be a nice volume - I would prefer to pay £15 GBP than the signed version at £75 GBP.

Posted By: Mark B

Posted On: July 30th
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RE: RE: Disappointed

I was under the impression at first that it WAS an autobiography, just with his typical irony laced title. Now that i realise it isn't, i'm certain whether to bother

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: July 30th
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RE: Disappointed

Thanks for your kind words, Zazou, but I don't have a lyrics section here on my website. The official PSB website does, however, have an excellent lyrics section. I only offer my commentary on/analysis of lyrics, but I don't quote them at length on account of copyright limitations.

Thanks anyway! ;-)



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