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Posted By: Tom

Posted On: January 13th
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Why is Wayne a coward

Clean up your site Wayne and stop carrying these attacks on people with AIDS, unless of course you agree with that. YOU ought to hang your head in shame. Or has Palm Springs life melted your feeble brain? Palm Springs, the elephants graveyard for old California fags.

Posted By: EastEndJoe

Posted On: January 13th
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RE: Why is Wayne a coward

I dont agree with you. Dont misunderstand. I am just as in shock at the intentionally insulting, insensitive and inappropriate, innocuous nonsense in previous polls.

But I do not think Wayne should be taking action or making a public stand. I am a grown up. I know that people out there have ridiculous and hateful views and will use any forum to share it. But I dont need daddy Wayne to hide it all from me. I dont need protecting, from idiots. There are too many in any case. Sadly, argueing with people online is never a solution, and any response just reinforces the posters need for attention and vindication. Silence is the best reply, as it ruins their fun.

And if Wayne did wade in, delete and dismantle comments or threads. Can you imagine the response? The haters would become the hated in their view, and Wayne would be seen as sitting in judgement and excluding people. There would be no winning. I think it takes more strength to not be drawn into the affray.

Tom, I think you rightly voice an opinion shared by many - why should we have to read hateful garbage? A fair point. But thats the thing about freedom of speech. Not everyone says what you want to hear or hears what you want to say.

Posted By: EastEndJoe

Posted On: January 13th
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Now wouldn't it have been better if either Tom or I had posted something that asked people to please keep to the topics, out of respect for this forum, its contributors and its host. But instead there was name calling and my petty stone throwing. Turns out we were just as bad as the people we were complaining about. How embarassing. Apologies from me for that.
In the end the host had to intervene and do the right thing.

Hangs head and.... to save further embarassment, I made my excuses, and left.


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