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Posted By: jeffrey

Posted On: September 13th
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Dreamland, opinions

What do folks think of the new single with Years and Years? I was possibly underwhelmed on first or second listen, but after six or seven I think it is extremely catchy & a very "sounds like a hit" song.

That being said, I'm perplexed why they released it on a Wednesday instead of Friday. A full week seems likely to get the highest chart placing. Perhaps they are not that interested at this point in their career. Thoughts?

Posted By: Robert Schulz

Posted On: September 13th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

Finally a trustworthy thread that we can take seriously. I think its very confusing songlyrics in terms of what perspective he is trying to apply. Good that you skipped my thread because i was not sure if its worthy of the correct discussion about such an important topic.


Posted By: Andy B

Posted On: September 13th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

Dear jeffrey,

same for me — I was (only slightly) underwhelmed and I like it quite much meanwhile. Two additional thoughts came to my mind: 1) whether there will be any physical format, while apparently y there isn’t any available at this point for the first time ever leading to 2) some worry on their most trademark format, the 12“ vinyl which might have an impact on Dance&Club exposure throughout the U.S.

Appart from that, I seriously hope there will be vinyl-available remixes for fans (think of the ingenious Offer-Nissim-Mix of TPK)

Concerning the lyrics, I stay somewhat underwhelmed. But then, there’s external influence and the accustomed standard is, let‘s say, high

Posted By: Jeffrey

Posted On: September 13th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

Yes, I'm sure they will release a physical form CD, 12" for the single & the remixes will be serviced to dance clubs. Based on past chart positions, it's likely to make #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart where the first single from each release usually makes #1 (or the top 10) at a minimum.

I was wondering, or hoping that they might make the UK Top 40 singles. The last time they made the UK Top 40 was 2009, just missing the Top 40 in 2012 with "Leaving." That's just about the time streaming began to be factored into the charts & most people under 35 aren't very familiar with PSB. I checked the UK Spotify top 200 streaming on 09/13 & they weren't on the top 200 streams. It doesn't look likely they will get anywhere near the UK Official Charts. When the new album/CD/Digital Download is released, that will at least hit the album charts.

Posted By: garyinla

Posted On: September 14th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

Sorry, I think the vocals are poor, and the song itself is weak.

Posted By: Jammer

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

I think too, it is NOT our great On social media...

But it is good job as their singles over top 40. )

But who is it on photos?! I'm Russian, just do not understand. Say please.

Posted By: Jammer

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

Oh, I'm getting so. He is such mannered gay, don't like it...

Posted By: Nonick

Posted On: September 16th
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RE: Dreamland, opinions

Go to position 3.09 in the video. There is a little mistake on the sign, "Ausfahrt" is only for cars;)
"Ausgang" would be correct.


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