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Posted By: Dave F

Posted On: September 15th
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Wayne, I'm sure I speak for many who value everything you do for PSB fans. The resource you provide here is second to none and is a fantastic resource for fans. You have earned the respect of many with your insights, and whenever I've contacted you you've always gone above and beyond to be courteous, many times accepting an interpretation I've presented, sometimes very occasionally not. That's absolutely your call and I'm sure most realise that's up to you to weigh things up on the balance of probability.

What you choose to put on the website is absolutely your choice and I and I'm sure most others completely agree that's how it should be. You've been good enough to post interpretations you don't personally agree with but judge could potentially be the case. Don't let one bad apple spoil things. The work you do is invaluable to many.

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Wayne

Well said, I wholeheartedly agree.

Posted By: Robert Stack

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Wayne

The comment above is right Wayne. I adore this site. Oh, I don't always agree with your interpretations about songs, but that's what makes it interesting. This is the Internet in 2019, and there are some pretty F'd up people out there.
I'd be sad to see this site go, really sad, but you have to continue because you want to do it. There will always be folk with negative attitudes and comments but I've a feeling someone like you can rise above it even if that feels a little difficult sometimes :-)
Remember that the work you do on this site is appreciated by the vast majority of your visitors.

Posted By: Daniel B.

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Wayne

More back up for Wayne‘s work and the opinions expressed in this thread from me. A big thank you for your insights, politeness, and dedication, Wayne. db

Posted By: Alan

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Wayne

RuPaul said it best:

"Unless they paying your bills, pay them b!t¢h3s no mind"
-from 'Sissy That Walk'

Party-on, Wayne!

Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Wayne

I have to admit my heart sank when I read your update.

I think the comment above sums it all up.

It'd be a sad loss to the PSB community to see this close...and I guess at some point that would have to be an inevitable anyway...but I'd rather it be a natural conclusion not a forced one.

Out of interest though Wayne have you ever considered putting together a succession plan if it came to it?

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: September 15th
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RE: Wayne

Thank you all for your very kind words of support and encouragement. It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it!

Posted By: Robert Schulz

Posted On: September 16th
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RE: Wayne

Yes he is such an angel ;-)

Posted By: Mika H

Posted On: September 16th
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RE: Wayne

I'm quite certain that if it hadn't been for Wayne's site, I wouldn't have become a PSB fan for good back in 2009. Thanks for everything, Wayne, and here's hoping that you will keep on going!

As for the person who responded to Wayne with a personal insult, I think the title of PSB's best track from 2016 sums up what you should do next:


Posted By: Robert Schulz

Posted On: September 17th
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RE: Wayne

And it always takes two for a specific reaction. Track for this: What have i done?


Posted By: Des

Posted On: September 19th
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RE: Wayne

I completely echo Gabby’s comments above Wayne.
For so long as you have the time and the inclination, please keep up the good work:)

Posted By: Toaster in the Bath

Posted On: September 20th
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RE: Wayne

I'd just like to add to the chorus. This website is brilliant, Wayne. It's testament to not just Pet Shop Boys' ouvre but your work that this site has become a better archive than practically any other online academic analysis of a pop band. It's comparable perhaps to the Wordpress site 'Pushing Ahead of the Dame' about David Bowie, but even The Beatles don't seem to have an online academic analysis as rich as this one.

Thank you.


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