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Posted By: Wills

Posted On: May 24, 2002
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Boring- Vison 2002

Like last year the ESC has again emulated the manufactured sounds of bland disposable pop music. Gone are the days when 20+ countries would weave their cultural sounds and language into the music, which made it quite unique and distinctive. I am not saying that Eurovision should stick in the past, I would like to see the world music genre coming through rather than banal pop songs written in clich├ęs and poor English. In Greece they can combine modern pop music without losing their cultural sounds likewise in Turkey, Bu Gece by Tarkan and the recent UK No.1 Kiss Kiss. How representative is it anyway? In the UK they chose from only four terrible songs, so in effect the person choosing the 4 songs chooses the winner, not very democratic is it? In Tallinn and beyond people will start switching off because Eurovision has lost its spark and uniqueness. Miss World went down the pan without the national costumes. We are not in a US-Euro super state yet, so until then, why not celebrate your culture by promoting it, look at the Irish renaissance as proof! William London UK.