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Posted By: Thomas

Posted On: Oct 14, 2004
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Game Exclusion Alert!

I would vote for Earthbound if it was listed, but I guess I'll have to go for Zelda. I am not sure I really like the direction the Zelda series has been taking the last few installments, but it is still an awesome game.

Earthbound may not have been very popular, but it was still a greatly entertaining and original game (though I never understood why a no-stick frying pan hits harder than a regular one). Maybe someday they'll release a GC Earthound.

I like Final Fantasy, but that series will never die anyway so voting for it is pointless.

Posted By: ShOcKeRpb

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
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RE: Game Exclusion Alert!

Since Final Fantasy is an ongoing game series, it shouldn't have been on the list. One game I would have liked to see is Tales Of Phantasia, even though it wasn't a series, they should make another one.


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