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Posted By: simran paithiyam

Posted On: Jul 1, 2006
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sexy simran

hi simran, god was in a good mood when he made you. I am jealous that u got married to some other male. If i get a chance i ll kill your husband & will marry & **** you. that is my aim & target in my life.

I dont know how many time i mastributed on thinking about you, it was countless. I want to taste your breasts, tits, boobs, hips & so on................. anyway even now my rod is so tight on thinking about you. I ll not die unless i **** you... i am mad of you. please give me your number & address. please atleast onw night throw your husband & come & sleep with me, lets enjow our sex. its not a bad thing at all.

Posted By: simran jollan

Posted On: Jul 23, 2006
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RE: sexy simran

i am always thinking you. I have masturbated atleast 2000 times thinking you. I can live eating your **** and drinking your urine for the whole of my life. You are my goddess. Please give me a chance to F you once. I will die after that as my lifetime goal will be achieved.