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Posted By: Stephen Hynes

Posted On: Apr 15, 2002
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MB pens poll

Perhaps the point of this poll would be better made if we were asked our opinion about how the relentless lifestyle merchandising by MB has infected a wonderful hobby respecting items of personal history with a "limited edition" mentality in which value is inversely related to any contact with human hands. This is stupid, no matter the quality of the product. Two thumbs down.

Posted By: Mathew J

Posted On: Jan 19, 2004
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somewhat true but again

if it hadn't been for MB then who is to say there would even be any fountain pen industry today and or interest in FP collecting? just as Rolex did for automatic watches in keeping the intrest alive IMHO MB did for pens....if it wasn't for either of these companies we might all be writing with bics, wearing quartz casios or anything nicer would cost a sheer fortune to attain and maintain.

Posted By: Stephen Hynes

Posted On: Jan 19, 2004
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RE: RE: MB pens poll

Of course you are right that the powerful publicity machine and subsequent marketing direction MB has taken has powered the market. But now MB is the standard. Look at ebay. Now unused collectors are the thing, which is really an odd way of looking at things that are intended to be used. What power is there in a hobby that virtually requires its adherants to leave the items it is focused on in sealed boxes - because they are worth more?