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Ok.. first I have to tell you.. They DID land on the moon.

But now the more "horror and frying" part, the reason you're watching this topic.

NASA is a corporation formed by ex-nazi's.
Werner von Braun.. you know that name?
He developed the V2 rocket system for the nazi's.

Same model as the first rocket to the moon.
(Obviously, that was the *best remote controlable aerodynamical weapon available. The first moon-test was actually bombing England!)
(Then America bombed Germany and killed their only elephant..)

Many many and I mean MANY scientists were transported to America after WW2.
Under the guise of the not-so-secret anymore "Operation Paperclip".

Would wikipedia lie to you?
But they don't tell you the whole story though.

Nazi's also went to work for the CIA and FBI.
Why you think those "abominations" were created only after WW2?

And I put a * by the phrase "best aerodynamical weapon" thing.. because.. the nazi's had "Super Waffe" at the end of the war. They weren't able to finish it, though, that far sources like History Channel and Discovery Will tell you.
So.. what was that "Super Waffe" (super weapon)?

Flying Discs!

That's right.
What happened ~2 years after WW2 had ended?
The whole Flying Disc theory came to life.
Before they were just monster crafts from mars...

The Americans recovered that "Unidentified Flying Object" and made stuff like the B2-Bomber.
Keeping that all secret.. mostly for the Russians.(Cold War and all.. space race) And because stealth craft isn't allowed to be known about.
If everyone knew it, the craft wouldn't be of good use now would it?

(just type in "nazi ufo" at torrentzdotcom, click the first one, it's a Discovery Channel telling you this)

But.. that first craft, that became the B2-Bomber... where did it come from?
The nazi's were beaten in 1945.. non?


Lots lots and lots, of submarines were missing.
Lots and lots of Germans were still "lost".

Even today, those submarines and Germans are missing.

Have you ever looked to Antarctica on Google Maps?
There's a "stain" an whole of Lake Vostok, better know as Neu Schwabenland.

The biggest heads from Germany during WW2 went to Antarctica, and set up NASA, CIA and FBI in America.


Well that about wraps it up.. watch your back for the FEDs kids.
There are FEMA camps spread out all over America at the moment. (you know.. camps, like the nazi's had)
There is allready a "list". (you know.. ^ )
They can put citizens in jail on order, without trail.. (the protesters mainly.. you must stay calm)

It's a crisis just like the years before WW2...

Replay.. Repeat..

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That's very sad, to think you actually believe that.
You are so far removed from reality I feel sorry for you.
You need help.

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Er... We Brits wanted to hang Von Braun, but the Americans saw the true value this man could achieve and provide if 'alternatively directed'.

All this guy wanted to do was build rockets and was the only guy who could do it properly.

That bloody V2 was a nightmare, but then he created a dream.

Redeemed himself?

I don't know about that, but he gave the world death on the one hand...

and also

the most historically amazing and inspiring realisation of human potential on the other.

This guy lived some life!


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