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Posted By: ted bauer

Posted On: Nov 16, 2009
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walking on the moon

if you were on the 1/6th the gravity of the earth...wouldn't you do some somersaults or backflips?

or something?

even now, "keith"...the "moon" rocks are losing their scientific cred.

-time...and modern science, will prove the landings were faked.

your fear is not needed.

the united states will continue its quest for world dominance, with, or without nasa.

have you ever heard of "windows xp"?

yeah...we went to the moon.

if we went...we'd still be there, mucking up the place.

it is in our nature to be curious.

if you think for one second that we went to the moon and there is "no reason to go back...because we've already been there!" are clueless.

we 'wanted' to go...we 'thought' we could do it...but like so many other human endeavours, our vision exceeded our grasp.

we'd be there NOW...if we went there THEN.

we like money.

and the moon is so "money".

how many safe trips to the moon do you need to convince you of that?

moon hotels...moon casinos...moon wal-marts...

if there's money to be made...we'd be all over that rock.

-that's the america i know, and love.

bty...your reply confirms my theories. :)

by not having a lunar "marriot" hotel in 2009...shows that we suck at space travel.

no matter how you spin it.


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