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Posted On: Aug 8, 2011
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Hey Keith... well, i have two words for you: calm down.
I've been reading all these topics and arguments and whatever... and my conclusion is this: you're a jerk that needs to back off a little bit. For example that john scientist guy... First: he's not a hoax believer, that should be reason enough to not hate him. Two: He came to you with a question that you say he could've googled... well, maybe he simply didn't THINK about googling it. Also, google has a lot of wrong information, so he wanted to come to someone who knew a lot (you). I can only describe you with one word: bully.
You like your own people (the people who believe we landed on the moon)
And you're a complete b**** to everyone who doesn't introduce themselves as "Hi, i know for a fact we landed on the moon". If someone says "Hi, i'm here for more information as to what really happened in 1969" you'll say "YOU IDIOT! WE LANDED ON THE MOON WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU LACK EDUCATION AND ARE ONE STUPID PERSON".
(Of course i'm exagerating. You wouldn't answer exactly like that... but that's definitely what i read when you replied to John the scientist.)

All things aside... Your website is pretty awesome... Here is ONE former hoax believer you have "converted" so go have a party!

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Aug 9, 2011
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RE: Keith...

It is true I do not suffer fools lightly, but I do not respond as you sugest, I respond according to how they treat me. If they begin by calling me an idiot they can expect that I will not treat them with much respect. "John the scientist" claimed he was a scientist requiring information on the lunar rover batteries and NASA would not supply it. Crap. I looked it up myself and found tons of information in just a few minutes search and gave him the links.
John is NOT a scientist. Why would a scientist go to an Internet message board to seek information? The answer is they wouldn't! Why would he want to know the details of the batteries when that level of technology is now 40 years old? John claimed he was not only a scientist but a well known one at that. Crap. If he is a scientist then I am Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
I actually supplied him with all the info he wanted, but he just kept coming back asking for more and more info. Like I said, he should look it up himself, what am I, his unpaid assistant?
I don't like liars. If you think I treated him badly that is your choice, I think I treated him as he deserved to be treated. I didn't force him to come to my site and I didn't force him to stay.

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Posted On: Sep 23, 2011
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RE: Keith...

hi keith. i saw your discussion about me being a scientist. please believe me, i really am. well, i am a theoretician, so i dont necessarily know all technological details. this is the way the modern science is: an expert in one set of problems cannot fully cover other ones. but, i know well the methodology of scientific research. from this point of view, i m just trying to say that apollo mission was not scientific enough and was kinda poor in technology sense either: we cannot repeat it easily now even if we want to. it was too much politics and media excitation involved, much less proper science and documented technology, therefore all these doubts now.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Sep 23, 2011
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RE: Keith...

You said, above. "i am a theoretician".
This is after countless posts where you repeatedly claimed to be "a fairly well known scientist". Bullsh*t to both. You are just a sad git.
You canĀ“t even write messages with correct grammar. You don't even use uppercase.
Good luck with finding out the details about the lunar rover batteries - that I sent you because you claimed NASA refused to release it (LOL you fool) - so you and your team can now build successful nano-technology stuff. Well, that is what you told us. Odd thing for a theoretician to do.
What will you be next week, a cleaner?


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