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Posted By: Carl

Posted On: Jan 17, 2012
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Night time on the moon?

Well, the mission of 11 spent 21 hours 31 minutes on the lunar surface. During that time the moon would have (where they were) entered darkenss. Because some of us realize the mood rotates around the earth, not the sun. Therefor would have been facing Earth for a full day, therefor would have become night-time there (where they were). SO... where are the night-time pics of the stars? Where are the night-time pics at all? And because I do believe the Titanic really sank, don't give me crap that the reflection off the Earth was so bright that it was day for 21 hours straight. And go head and give me the links to the other missions night-time shots as well.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jan 18, 2012
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RE: Night time on the moon?

Carl, you say in the thread "Your answers" that many hoax believers are intelligent, or words to that effect. This may be true. However, there is a big difference between intelligence and knowledge. It is possible to be very smart yet have little knowledge in a particular subject, and hoax believers, in general, are very ignorant of the laws of physics as relating to the moon landings, this is why they raise so many silly points, it is due to their ignorance of the subject.
You are a classic example of this ignorance. You seem to think that the length of the lunar day is only a few hours, similar to the length of a day on Earth. The truth is you are way out.
A Lunar day is the period of time it takes for the Moon to complete one full rotation on its axis with respect to the Sun and it is the time it takes the Moon to make one complete orbit around the Earth and come back to the same phase. This is approximately one month.
At the time of the Apollo 11 landing the moon was a full moon so they were in full sunlight for their entire stay, and would have remained so for another week or so.
As you can see, your ignorance of the subject renders your point worthless and indeed makes you look rather silly. You should, had you been smart, researched the length of a lunar day (takes only a few seconds on Google) before posting your comments and ending up looking a fool.
Point made.

Posted By: Carl

Posted On: Jan 18, 2012
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RE: Night time on the moon?

Good point. Was so silly of me to jump on the notion the moon was traveling so fast it would pass between the earth and sun daily. Of course it's the earths rotation rather than that. I did not need to google it though, your comment was enough to ponder and realize moon phases are monthly indeed.

Posted By: Grant

Posted On: Jan 18, 2012
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RE: RE: Night time on the moon?

Keith, I think you'll find Carl has done plenty of research on this subject. I think it was a whole hour of that tv conspiracy documentry... you know the one?? 'The Moon Landing was a Hoax' which was purely aimed at everything but the facts!!

Anyway, well done Carl, your intelligence is second to none.

Posted By: Keith mayes

Posted On: Jan 18, 2012
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RE: Night time on the moon?

It's a pity Carl didn't do a little research FIRST before making such a ridiclous statement!


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