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Posted By: Jevison Archibong

Posted On: Sep 13, 2012
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An Appeal for more...

Hi Keith, I stumbled upon your site and it's quite amazing! After going through the polls & message board (is that what you call it?) and after laughing my ass & fart out. I said to myself I should comment.

I've observed that there are no "polls & message board" on the Faith & Philosophy section. Why?
Don't you want to hear other peoples' opinion on that section? I mean I would like to see a poll result on something like "Do you believe there is a God?". And some comments on the "What evidence is there for God?", or "Are all religions false?" you know, those topics matters a lot.

I'm sorry if i am discussing a wrong topic here, (please pardon me) but I don't know were else to put this comment than here. I am a Nigerian living with poor power supply and limited/poor Internet access. (which is quit expensive to have here).

Down here, I dare not ask such questions or make such arguments like the ones you put up in the "Faith & Philosophy section". If I try it, my people would woop my ass and make me an outkast! (So please dont expose me LOL).

Finally, I would like to see more interesting "Theories with problems" to read and learn more. (or are you retired?) I read about your health problems, (sorry about that). I say you are a great inspirational philosopher i've ever encountered. Thanks!

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Sep 15, 2012
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RE: RE: An Appeal for more...

Hi Jevison,
There is a very good reason why I have not included a Message Board in the Faith & Philosophy section, I am glad you asked.
I receive many emails from people of one faith or another putting forward their believes and telling me how blind I am not to believe the same as they do, etc. etc.
My personal experience - limited of course to those hundred plus that have emailed me - is that these people are the most blinkered, one dimensional, narrow minded, self opinionated, loud mouthed, non listening, arrogant, ignorant, brain dead morons I have ever encountered. Message Board for them? You must be joking. It is impossible to engage with them in a normal debate, as soon as you dare question anything they believe in they go off the rails. Their favourite argument is to insist that I am the one who needs to open my eyes, they fail completely to see how tunnel vision and single track minded they have become.
That is not to say that there are also a number of very level headed normal worshippers, but they tend to stay away from sites like mine so I have little contact with them. There are a great many religious sites they find far more suited to their beliefs.
Yes, I am retired and yes I have health problems, however I am in remission and doing well at the moment.

Posted By: Call Me Ms

Posted On: Aug 4, 2013
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RE: An Appeal for more...

It seems to me, sadly, that while far too many moon landing denighers are off their rockers, there are far too many moon landing believers who are like belivers in a religion. I say "sadly" because either extreme leaves little or no room for any real learning or discovery. All proofs are either tossing out endless questions or pointing to some future that never comes. Perhaps it would help for both sides to help and encourage space exploration efforts, even financially support legitimate organizations involved in these efforts. Talk is cheep! The near zombi state of this site is just one of many on this and related subjects. Until real interest and zeal for space exploration grows common there will never be enough money and minds to make it happen.


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