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Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Jul 26, 2009
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Poetry is infinite

If you want to play - Play!
If you want to fly - Fly!
Life is strange,one more game
Different although the same

If you want to go - Go!
If you want to stay - Stay!
There can be one more chance
There can be one more day

What is life?What is space?
Why feel pain in my veins?
God,can I have my grace?
May life have grains of sense!
But not one with no trace

Lord,wherever you are
Hear me cry out my heart!
Space,I'm never too far
See me,stars I've lived for
While I live I'm alive
Feel no fear anymore

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jul 26, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

Hi Maxim,
That is a lovely poem. Where did you get it from, or is it yours? I love poetry, always have, and have written some myself. Here is a short one I wrote, and funnily enough I titled it Infinity:

Ever spinning ever turning, ever moving through the night,
forever half in darkness, forever half in light,
keeping step with Jupiter, dancing close to Mars,
wheeling through the galaxy, spiralling through the stars.

And here we are a wondering, what can it all be for?
Is it just a whim of nature, or some galactic law?
Are we heading for our destiny, or drifting to decay?
Will we ever know the answer, or is it here today?

We scan the distant universe, we search for something new,
we probe the mighty galaxies, looking for some clue,
but distance doesn´t help us, however far we roam,
the stars will keep their secrets, the answer´s here at home.

You can find it in a pebble, or in a grain of sand,
pick it up and hold it, you have the cosmos in your hand,
and all the wondrous universe that wheels across the sky,
is but a single speck of dust in some huge creatures eye.

Hope you liked it.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Jul 29, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

I wish I could answer sooner but it's not always possible.Your poem is very beautiful and meaningful,I really think you could publish it.
I would like publish mine,this gloomy crazy world needs poetry,it really needs more beauty no matter what this beauty is: a picture,a book or poems.I have learnt your poem dy heart though
I usually don't remember my own ones,I just put them down in my note-book and forget about them so they don't influence further creativity and this keeps it fresh and free.
I think,you could create a site where people would read your poems and publish theirs.
I would do if I had my own computer but I have to use my friends' ones.Anyway,this is a good idea that can become real once and it would be quite interesting.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Aug 27, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

Till Kingdom Come.

Stuck in a meaningless world
Running along sharp blades
Lost power that was to be hold forever
Lost myself and my mates
Tired of days and nights
Can't stand anymore fights
Been running in circles
Of infinite confusion
Reality is but an illusion
Created by thought fusion
Wars,deaths and pain are still in here
Is that in vain?
What have we got but endless fear?
Salvation's gone though always near
Forgive me,Christ,I'm just a man
I want the truth,I'm not your fan
Don't wanna be a slave
Don't wanna heaven for free
I'm not afraid of hell
As it is here in me
However hard to love and be
There's strength in me
To overcome the pain
Which I disdain!
It's not in vain
Now look at me
And see I'm not afraid
Of what you made
Though life will fade away
I'll keep on walking in your rain
Breaking all walls appearing in my way
Till Kingdom come
But come it not today.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Aug 27, 2009
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RE: RE: Poetry is infinite

The Way It is.

I'm not the best student
I'm not the best friend
There are many things I don't understand
It's God and it's Fate
It's Love and it's Hate
And when I can get it
It will be too late
I've talked back to God
To Him I've talked black
I said He was nothing
And I didn't reck
I'm lost and I'm found
And I'm lost once more
I don't know my shalts
And what I am for
That rotten religions I can't stand no more
I've wanted just love
But love isn't just
I've known many I-want
As well as I-must
I've felt many right-now
And things not-so-fast
I've been different places
The first and the last
Been told Be-a-good-man
And Keep-what-thou-hast
Been told Be-the-first-one
And heard Dust-to-Dust
Rejected temptations
Surrendered to lust
Been told to be strong
And do what I must
Resisted to that and done it my way
And here I am now
God,take me away
Life's so long meanwhile so fleeting
I feel it passing by
It's but an instant
From my first Hi to my last Good-Bye
I've not found anything true
But found a world of lie
Everything seems mortal and nothing's mine
This life is but a burning poem
But I don't see the final line
How can one change the cruel time?
I see it fly across the sky
And in the dark I see it shine
Inside my soul it is inspiring
Painting my days with colors-rhymes
Like feelings glorify the minds
Like stars are shining in the skies
As that who loves is that who finds
And time won't touch the heart of soul
And parts will never break the whole
A lot of worlds are there for you
Another day - you're born anew
Another morning,one more night
Will set your tired soul on light.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Aug 27, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

Thanks for the poems, they are seem to be a snapshot of where you are right now, and it doesn´t seem a good place? Tells something about how you feel about life and the world. Well done.

This is a poem about how I felt when my wife died of cancer 4 years ago, I was so sad I wanted to die so we could be together again but was afraid of dying, rather ironic that I now have terminal cancer. Anyway, writing the poem helped get it out of my system.

A landscape, barren, cold and hard,
no sign of grass or trees,
no flying birds or butterflies,
no dragonflies or bees.

No meadows full of buttercups,
no ash or elm or yew,
no pastures, soft, lush and green,
no morning sparkling dew.

No hooting of the great barn owl,
no cooing of the dove,
no trilling of the nightingale,
where have you gone my love?

So many years you stood by me
and kept me straight and true,
there never was a time alone,
it was always me and you.

We shared our thoughts, hopes and dreams,
we also shared our fears,
we shared our laughter every day,
we also shared our tears.

You knew the things I loved to do,
and you knew the reasons why,
so knowing how I loved you so
why did you have to die?

I asked the Lord to please tell me,
as only He could do,
why did he take my love from me?
What has He done to you?

So He took my hand and gently said
"The time had come my son,
we all have our allotted time,
and then our work is done".

I blinked away a tear or two
then saw that He had gone,
and looking up I saw a bird,
this bird it had no song.

With wings spread wide it soared aloft,
then swooping down it came,
it made no noise, no sound at all,
this bird it had no name.

It looked at me with jet black eye,
and stilled my very breath,
this was no bird it was a sign,
a harbinger of death.

Then thunder roared and lightening cracked,
and hailstones pelt the ground,
the wind blew hard and turned a gale,
and noise was all around.

A bolt of lightening split the sky
and thunder hurt my ears,
but still that bird it stared at me
and fed upon my fears.

I screamed at it to go away,
I did not want to die,
but still it stood and stared at me
with brooding hooded eye.

And then at last it spread its wings
and soared up in the sky,
and as it left so did my fear,
it was not my time to die.

Late that night, as oft I would,
I looked up at the sky,
the twinkling stars looked back at me
and so I asked them why.

Their answer was a silent one,
their silence was the key,
this mortal life just comes and goes,
just as was meant to be.

So here I stand all alone
In a world I love no more,
and all I want is to be with you
and walk along life’s shore.

One day I know I will be there
and together we will be,
not just for a year or two
but through all eternity.

The Milky Way will be our home,
the silent stars our light,
the galaxy our shinning path
forever burning bright.

Together hand in hand we’ll be,
forever side by side,
through all eternity and more
you’ll always be my bride.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Aug 29, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

One has to suffer to create deep poetry and I see that you did a lot.No doubt,life is painful,we all experience
it along our lifeway but not anyone can express the pain
and make his feelings etched in time for years to come. Someone once said that there is no agony like bearing an untold story within.And it's worth it - to share your life with others and helps to better understand your pain and overcome it because life goes on and we have to go on with it.Keih,I feel that everything happens for a reason,I can't explain,I just feel it.Once we will realize it,I believe there is more to this life beyond the final line,I just want to believe in it and I think deep inside you want to believe it,too - I see it in your poems.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Aug 29, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

I believe in my heart that there is more to our existence than just this brief life, but have a problem with it with my head.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Aug 29, 2009
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RE: RE: Poetry is infinite

Keith,the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life.
And so is the one of power.They are just fiction.
The heart is Life,not the mind.The mind is the servant of Heart,not otherwise.Life is everywere: love,stars, sky,space,clouds and the dawn and the sunset!This is Life - why haste and go for fiction like status and degrees and compete with others?Will it really matter in the end?When my time comes I will remember all those I helped and loved and who loved me and remember my friends and cherish it but not what I did to survive, not how good I was at school or university,Not That.
I'll remember me watching a beautiful sunset and magnificent sunrise above the horizon of sea and what I felt in my heart!Not what I thought but what I Felt!
And this is poetry of life and this is what I feel is God.It's not insensate books and what my teachers tought me and religions and sciense,no.It's my life.
And No,it's not combination of atoms what you are,it's not your body that is purely matter.We are more than that and we will never die.No-one dies.We are just guests on this planet,actors who change their clothes and scenery for our spirit to learn something.But there is a "real human" behind this "actor" and this human is the true one you are.
We are eternal.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Sep 5, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

The Same (experimental poetry)

This life will change a million times
But it will be the same
The world another but the same
Our selves another but the same
The same still seconds lead their way.
The same your love,the same your sorrow,
The same your grief,the same belief...
But in the same way it's always been
Once it won't have been seen
But you all,Gods,will still remain in splendid glory,
Forever kissed with fame...
Forever changed but yet the same.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Sep 5, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite


They say that God will save us all
But I can't trust anyone
Who can never cry
I've never heard that God can weep
And never heard that God can laugh
So how can God be loved?
So how can one love God?
If only once I saw that God in tears
Sitting and crying in lonely mist
Then I'd believe that God can live
And miracles exist.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Sep 18, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

The Last Battle

They keep on fighting in a battle that is lost
They keep on doing what they love the most
The Ghost of Life is sitting in the dark
Sad night,the sky is coloured red
And lonely dogs of war they yearn to bark
Under the Moon,it's colourless and stark
The leader of the warriors is kneeling
He's fallen down before his fallen men
And paralized,and shocked,and non-believing
He keeps on fighting hardest as he can
The Ghost of Life is coloured sad
Those men don't know they are already dead.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Sep 18, 2009
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RE: RE: Poetry is infinite

I'm sorry

I'm sorry for the weakness I have
I'm sorry for it can't make me worry
I'm sorry it's what I've not left
I'm sorry for being sorry
I'm sorry for a world full of pain
I'm sorry for my hatred
So am I for my disdain
I'm sorry for rains of blood
I'm sorry,God.I'm sorry,Dad.
I'm sorry for being wretched and sad
I'm sorry for my sins
My virtue never wins
I'm sorry for non-believing
For my wretched living,for self-deceiving
I'm sorry for being born
Take me back,God
I long so much for leaving
For leaving your game
It's all damned
It's all the same

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Sep 18, 2009
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RE: Poetry is infinite

The Enemy

At every corner of the gloomy room of sorrow
In every hollow place of sinful souls
They hope there will be a tomorrow
And goals they can achieve
They're looking in a mirror
For a truth to believe
And what's it what they see?
Their most dangerous enemy
The one whom they call 'me'
He's looking in the eye
He's every corner of their hearts
He's found in every drop of blood,
Your mind,in any of its parts
He's omnipresent God
You are your good as well as deepest evil,
Your God by Name...
Your God by name the Devil.

Posted By: Maxim Dvoytsin

Posted On: Jan 20, 2010
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RE: Poetry is infinite

My Name is Human

You could find me in this Palace of Absurd
Lonely sitting, stepping forward word by word
You might meet me in the streets of empty cities
Or the skid-rows of a ghastly world

You could ask my name...My name is Human
An abandoned child of ghostly God
Fears of mine are just like those of you,man
And I seek for all the same you sought

I dunno your name but mine's enough
You're the same somewhere beyond the pride
We are mortals,let's not make God laugh
We are humans struggling side by side

You have cried and so have I,my brother
You have loved and so have I,it's true
There is no such one by name the Other
Some of us just sleep the whole life through

I could find you at the same place I was at
I could die from just the same as you
We are all to pay Him our debt
Life's the same,just different points of view.

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