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Posted By: brandon

Posted On: Sep 23, 2002
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square vs atlus

lets face it, since final fantasy 7, the quality of squares games have decreased. they are sacrificing gameplay for graphics and complex story lines. square has sold out big time. from where i sit i see atlus as a producer of higher quality rpg than square. i am not just some newcommer to the rpg gamer scene. ive been playing rpg since i was seven and picked up mine first square game when i was nine. it was of course final fantasy 3 U.S. I'm sure square would win this poll even enough they have had terrible game come out the recently. the bouncer and final fantasy 10 are great examples. the bouncer just plain sucks and final fantasy 10 is way the short, at least compared to 7. well i just thought i let you guys know how feel about this and see if anyone else feels screwed after so many years of loyality. maybe all video games are just getting too complex. maybe this is the resault of certian companies getting involved to much (a.k.a. microcoft). maybe you should do a poll on that. but please dont get offended think that am i trashing your site, because i'm not. i just thought maybe this issues should be discussed.

thank you for taking the time to read this

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