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Posted By: desi adawiah

Posted On: Mar 14, 2003
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best video clip

when I first saw promises video, i really like the style of dolores, she was so great and beautiful even she wore a black terrible outfit, after all, i bought bury the hutchet album and heard it repeatly, the songs were really great for me, but not for my sister, grr..
and then i bought all the album of cranberries and heard them all. because of dolores i wanted to learning guitar, writting a song and singing like her, she is smart, beautiful, great, funny, cute, sweet, pretty, gorgeous, etc
i love her a lot

Posted By: John

Posted On: Mar 15, 2003
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RE: best video clip

Hey Desi!
I really love the gothic style of Dolores in "Promises" video! But my favorite all-time classic video is "Animal instinct" because it shows the unbreakable bond between mother and child! If you like all Cranberries albums you can vote for your favorite song in each album at "Discography with lyrics"...
Keep Cran-ing

Posted By: gal4enja

Posted On: Jan 11, 2006
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RE: best video clip


Why it's out of the list?

ICBWY as well
and Linger