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Posted By: Cali

Posted On: Oct 5, 2003
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Bad Boy

I so need some advise! My boyfriend is mad crazy! Hes way overprotective and he freaks out over the littlest things. He use to do drugs and was in a few gangs and his life was just a mess. he is always treating me like sh*t and calling me names but as soon as i tell him im leaving him he cleans his act up. I love him and all and I will do anything for him but im tired of him talking all his problems out on me! Should I leave him? Or should I stick it out and hope for the best?

Posted By: ashlee

Posted On: Oct 16, 2007
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RE: Bad Boy

k my advise for this guy is the same i had for my sister that had the same problem u should seriously sit down and talk to him about everything that goes down. give it about a week and see if he cleans up his act, if not then the best thing to do would be, leave him because it could turn into something worse then just yelling.