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Posted By: Mr. Loud And Clear

Posted On: Dec 1, 2004
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My country and The Cranberries

I´ve just discovered that one of the countris where The Cranberries albums have been sold the less is the mine, CHILE, and now I understand lots of things and why may be Cranberries never come to me...that´s sad, because it means I´ll never watch them here....there´s no oder choice me to go to them!!!

Well...I love Bury The Hatchet (that´s why my nick) and i wan to see them performe Loud And Clear with all my heart!!

well, that´s all.


Posted By: Iwona

Posted On: Dec 23, 2004
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RE: My country and The Cranberries

I wish you could see The Cranberries in concert-they're terrific!!! Maybe someday they'll arrive to Chile... You never know...

Posted By: Malvern

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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RE: My country and The Cranberries

I feel soooooooo sorry for you not to be able to see the cranberries live they are sooooooo good. I am from their native Ireland and I saw them perform in December 2002. |They were brilliant!!!!!!! I really hope they do another concert here soon and if any of the Crans are reading this please do so!!!!!!

Posted By: Mr. Loud and Clear

Posted On: May 18, 2005
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RE: My country and The Cranberries

Well, thank you guys for all your comments. It´s been a while since I have been here once. It´s really nice reading your replys to this topic. I hope with all my cranfanheart Cranberries come to Chile one day...I know it is going to happen, ´cause they are very likely to get together again, when the money is over...hehehe, that´s better for us, Chileans, we´ll see them here perform in Southamerica.

Greetings and see ya

Mr. Loud And Clear

pdt: I´m not a male, by the way!!