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Posted By: Steve Monk

Posted On: Apr 16, 2003
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The Southern Cause

The War Between the States was this country's second war for independence. Unfortunately, we lost. Yankee occupation and historical revisionism have been the consequences of that defeat for the last 138 years. But was the South right? I think the answer to that question is subjective. Were the American colonists right? Would they still have been right if they had lost the Revolution?

Go figure.

Posted By: Brittney Lambert

Posted On: May 16, 2003
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RE: The Southern Cause

The South was right all the way and now the Yankees is takin over and screwing everything up. I think personally the Yakees cheated so that is why they won but we fought fair and brave as confederates of a south which will rise again. As I tell all the Yankees the south will rise and the Yankees will run. I am thirteen turning fourteen and I am just a little southern girl but I know the truth and I am all for the southern cause. I have put up with yankees all my life but one day even if I dont see it the south will take care of business and the Confederate flags will fly with more pride then it ever has. Please reply so I can hear from another proud confederate and start my own cause.

Posted By: Val Doughty

Posted On: May 24, 2003
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RE: The Southern Cause

I'm sick and tired of everyone up here in Connecticutt who'd rather take our history textbook's biased point of view than think for themselves. I can't wait for the next time just to be able to shoot them.

Posted By: Kevin

Posted On: Dec 27, 2007
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RE: The Southern Cause

It is my belife that if the ass Lincoln did not sign the proclamatio to free the slaves we would have won. the only reason he didsign it was because the north was loseing, if he had intentions or the war to be about the slaves he would not have waited 3 years to sign it. Slavery would have died by it self in time, and i beleve that if we would have won the problems we face now would not be here now. We r fighting in iraq to bring them democrice, but what about our dictator. Who will save us from him.