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Posted By: Michael Hudson

Posted On: Apr 28, 2003
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It is a damn shame that we still are victimized by the Damn Yankee versin of what is taught taught to our children. It is a known that we won the war with tactics and leadership and all of our leaders were respected asa great people. There is no talk of drunken Generals Grant, Sherman and the like. All pompous barbarians and scum of thev earth. How can a society of people feel proud of themselves boasting how they killed and destroyed women and children and burned down churches. This scum all althojgh dead should be re-judged in abstentia after death and comdemned to eternal hell. I am a vietnam veteran and my family are all veterans and seen our share of unpleasantness dring times of conflict. However, the atrocities that were committed by the Union Forces of the Adolph Lincoln regime must be told and taught to all. I feel a new wonderful thing. Yes, it is about time that all Soutnerners stop being plagued with the North still trying to make us feel guilty for being southern. What is wrong with wanting to be free? What has happened to the term by our founding fathers "SOVERIGN STATES".

why don't these narrow minded negroes, yes negroes be taught the truth of their heritgage as to who acquired them, where did they come from? Who shipped them to where? Under what flag did they arrive? Try the Union Jack, London, Holland and Massachusettes. No conferate flag ever flew on any slave ship.

There is no such thing as an "African American" as far as I am concerned. You are either American or African! Take your pick but lets not be absurd and want two.

As far as this absurd "Repatriation" talk goes. Senator Warner of Virginia once said on a different subject the words, "heh, to get that bill passed, it will be as easy as moving Arlington, Cemetary. Ands on that note, I feel that all Southerners and decendents from the Lee's on down should be repatriated by being paid for their loses and or property replaced.

a term ewas stated in one of two books either "the South Was Right" or "Southern By the Grace of God the words, "AMERICA WAS INVADED BY THE NORTH". God Bless


Posted By: Brittney Lambert

Posted On: May 16, 2003
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RE: Confedracy

A am only thirteen turning fourteen but I know I was born A Confederate in Charleston,South Carolina and I plan to live up to my title and not shame my southern heritage. I think the world would be alot better if the south would have won the war and the United States would be alot better kept up and have a better economy. I don't know about you guys but I really cannot stand any yankees unless they are Rebels by choice. I didn't read your comments yet concidering I'm at school and I didn't want to get in anymore trouble than I already am going to be if I am found writing for the Confederate cause. I have a **** for a principal.Shout to the rebels and the south will rise again!! If you are a single Rebel guy and you are under 18 give me a reply. If you are not a Yankee and you are for the Confedrate cause also e-mail me. I need to hear from a Rebel with all these damn yankees around.
Brittney Lambert

Posted By: val Doughty

Posted On: May 24, 2003
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RE: Confedracy

Your right about the Yankees teaching everyone trash. Our books leave out so much and everyones to brain dead to look into it themselves.

Posted By: Brady Tidwell

Posted On: Jul 4, 2003
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RE: Confedracy


I stand up and salute you!! I am a Texan, Confederate and American in that order. I thank you for saying what has been needed to be said for hundreds of years. I have many discussions with as many people as I can and I have a real heart for the truth to come out about Lincoln's dirty war. The more I have studied the Civil War, I am sorry what is civil about war, the war of Nothern Agression, the more passion I get about bringing out the truth. I get really mad at how that war is tought in the schools because we are taught not to have an origional idea because it is "politically incorrect". Political correctness is killing this country, and I believe that had the south won we would not be fighting racism, division in the country, or political correctness. I hope some one reads and lets me know what they think about my beliefs on the topic. The only way we can grow as people and have the Southern way of life grow is to discuss ideas and beliefs right or wrong.

Posted By: fellow southerner.

Posted On: Aug 3, 2003
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RE: Confedracy

I think the South would be a better more conservative country. Our leaders knew that slavery would burn its self out. I often asked myself how could God allow a predominatly christian nation such as the Confedrate States of America to lose the war of independence. However I have decided that it is all part of Gods plan for a one world order to forfill bible prophecy. The Southern government would never have joined a one world government, Our loss was actually a blessing. If we had won we living today would have to be wipped from the face of the earth. The yankee gov will join a one world gov you can count on that. It eas also a merciful God who ended Stonewall Jackson the way he did. For old Stonewall never got to see or accept the Souths loss. Stonewall was the closest man to God in the Confedracy. I am so proud of my Heratige. I will defend the Confedracy at all costs her past present and future. I read as much as I can and learn as much as I can as well as debate yankees as much as I can. It can all be summed up by saying it was the cristian southerners against the industrial communist north. If the truth were only taught Lincoln would go down as a Hitler,Stalin,Hussain and Napolian. It is up to us to spread the truth. Thank you all for your time and God Bless!

Posted By: Ustilts

Posted On: Aug 24, 2003
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It was a shame that we had lost the war, a really bad shame. I'm from Texas and my dad was in world war 2, and my uncle in vietnam. And yet my entire family agrees that it would be in better intrest if the confederacy had won. Slavery would eventully had gone away, and today, thats all we hear about from the yanks is them talking about how it was all about abolishing slavery. It wasnt. Its about how poorly the north managed what they had. If we had anywhere near as much troops, or ammuntion as they did we would have won, and theres no doubt about that.

In this new world all I hear about is the removal of the confederate flag in virginia, and the removal of the 10 commandments apon which the nation was founded on. It is in God's will for the confedertes not to have one becuase if we did, the world wouldn't have came to such as bad time as we are faceing now, and its only going to become worse. We will never be defeated, militarly it may be possible, but that dosnt mean decide whos best, it decides whos left. It will always live on in our hearts and our souls for generations and generations to come, and there is no doubt about that. I salute all who died for the confederacy and only feal sad of that i wasnt there to help out myself!

And to all the people who say that it was our fault that blacks are who they are today, my reply is: YOUR the one who allowed them to be free, and to buy guns to which they kill other white folk, and to the yanks, all that is fine with them. All the basketball teams, all the football teams, there all black. Yet the ACLU claims that all blacks should be paid for the suffering they had to go through. If you want bull**** its right there.

Out here and population 500 Iola, Texas we fly our rebel flags, and nobody questions it, where else in a city could you do that without being sued?

May the confederacy live on forever. Amen.

Posted By: FreeMason

Posted On: Nov 12, 2003
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RE: Confedracy

The "Confederacy" lost, as it should have.

Two nations could not have survived on this nation, European businesses had already big plans to see that after the civil war they'd move in and take the pickings...except the Union stood and put a kink to that plan.

The Confederacy should live on as a reminder of how important the 9th and 10th amendments are...and that they shouldn't be violated.

I am curious about one thing though.

Why is there no real outrage about the Federal Government's blatant and disgusting act going on in Alabama trying to remove the Ten Commandments by misinterpretation of the US Constitution?

I believe, that any Confederacy that exists today, should only exist to keep the Union whole and true to the Constitution...not to seceed from it.

Posted By: Brady

Posted On: Nov 14, 2003
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RE: FreeMason

First of all FreeMason, the patch of dirt the United States is on is called a Continent not a Nation. Second the Union could NOT have survived with out the AGRICULTURE of the South. Had England come over to try to take over they would have gotten their butts kicked just like before. You are right though 2 nations could not survive on this continent because the North did not have the capability of growing necessary commodities(Cotton, Wheat, Corn, Cattle, etc.). What would have eventually happened is the Northern States would have had to annex in to the Confederacy because of this. The undisputable fact is the North can not survive with out the South, but the South can survive with out the the North.

Posted By: Ustilts

Posted On: Nov 19, 2003
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RE: Confedracy

True indeed as the confederacy didnt have to have all the railroads and factorys the north had. If the confederate states where still divided with the united states then we'd be making alot of money selling them food stocks. The only state that can suceed from the union legally, however is Texas.