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Posted By: M.C.

Posted On: Jul 13, 2003
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The Victim

The victim was States Rights. To the City Dwellers in the North one city is about the same as the other, one apartment is the same as the other, one tenament is the same as the other and one slum is the same as another. Alabama however is not the same as Lousiana, Mississippi is not the same as Georgia and Florida is not the same as Virginia.

The tragedy of the Civil War fueled the growth of the Central Bureaucracy. Yes a central bureaucracy just like the one that destroyed the Soviet Union. This central bureaucracy however is stronger, wiser and less corrupt than the soviet one. Never the less it will eventually eat itself to death. Then perhaps state governments will once again be the government of the people by the people. The Federal Government should be relegated to only the few and neccesary duties spelled out in the constitution.

Posted By: Patrick

Posted On: Oct 4, 2003
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RE: The Victim

Well said! The Yankee centralist regime came to power like the Soviet one did or the Jacobin "Committee on Public Safety did - by revolution. The Yankee regime will, as you say, eat itself to death, as was said by a fellow revolutionary of the French Revolution, "the Revolution is eating its own children". To me I say, the sooner the better!