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Posted By: FreeMason

Posted On: Nov 12, 2003
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Why the Confederacy should not have won.

I do believe the Civil War had to be fought...not to end slavery, not to preserve honor, but to ensure that we Americans today, remember purely that the Federal Government shall not trample on our State's Rights...the 9th and 10th Amendments are to be preserved by all measure!

It is my belief the Confederacy should not have won, that it COULD not have won, it was not justified completely.

They held 4 million men in bondage, though less for racism and simply because blacks were all you could buy...however, I believe America was strengthened after the Civil War.

Both Federally, but also, as citizens, for we are now armed with the knowledge of what can be done when it must be.

After the Civil War, and persistent to this day, the Federal Government attempts to excersize more rights than is given it by the Constitution.

Today, these are still challenged, all Unconstitutional acts are challenged by the people, by the states, by the federals, on all levels.

But a day may come, maybe sooner than we'd all like. When the 10th amendment and 9th amendment are horribly and irrevocably obliterrated.

It has almost happend, if not indeed already happend, with the Ten Commandments issue in Alabama.

Obviously that issue isn't enough for a Civil War.

But how much farther does the line need to be crossed, before a State has no rights...does the President need to tell you to your face you have to follow what he decrees?

For that, I must say that the Civil War was also fought for a GOOD reason...for I believe strongly now that a Civil War is again comming.

Clinton//Gore in 1993 attempted to make all police Federal, under the jurisdiction of the Executive.

In 1998 Clinton wrote the famous Executive Order 13083, which outlayed that the Executive of the Federal Government, was the final say in all doings within a State.

The line gentlemen, is being pushed.

I should hope that instead of Secession, however, once that line is crossed, that a Confederation of States would be made to return the Union to its Constitutional bounds, rather than simply hope to leave the Union, and destroy all our Founding Fathers worked for.

So while I agree with the Civil War in ways, secession...is not the answer.

The Union must be preserved, and it must remain Constitutional.

Should the Federal Government become Unconstitutional, it is the right of the States to put it in its place, by law, or by force.

Posted By: Free Southron

Posted On: Dec 19, 2003
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RE: Why the Confederacy should not have won.

It wasn't a Civil War then and it will not be one in the future. A civil war is when two factions are fighting for control of the same government. When the South removed their consent to be governed and created their own government, it became a war between two separate nations. One in which an imperialist nation denied 10 million people the right of self government.

I suspect it will be the same in the future. As you pointed out, our rights are being continually trampled by a federal government that has grown too big for its own britches and our pocketbooks. The will of the minority (political~ not racial) has become the rule of thumb. Special interest groups seem to be the new aristocracy, meting out social policy and justice according to their personal whim and benefit. I suppose the desire to prevent another confrontation is why the federal government spends so much time trying to stir up racial strife in the South while maintaining that the war was about slavery and little more. By pushing these thoughts on the people, and convincing them that states have no rights above the empire, they can quash any thought of rebellion or change before it has time to manifest.

Posted By: Charles Goodson

Posted On: Sep 8, 2004
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RE: Why the Confederacy should not have won.

The war of 1861-1865 was not a civil war, it was an invasion of one country over another. The Southern States, had by their own consent chose not to be governed by the Federal Government any longer. The Northern States under Lincoln, had chosen to ignore the Constitution and illegaly invade a country that meant them no harm.

If the South had won the war, I have no doubt that this country would have been beeter off than it is today.

Posted By: Eddie Taylor Ford

Posted On: Apr 10, 2008
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RE: Why the Confederacy should not have won.

I do not agree with you about the who should have won the war,but I do agree that we are headed into oncoming civil war.