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Posted By: Charles Goodson

Posted On: Sep 8, 2004
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It is time to make a choice.

To all my Confederate friends,

I was asked recently if I considered myself a citizen of the United States, or a citizen of the Confederate States of America. I was taken aback by this question, as I have never given it much thought before. I was unsure how to answer him, so I told him that I didnt know. When I got home, I started to think about it at length. DO I CONSIDER MYSELF A CITIZEN OF THE U.S., OR THE CSA?

This is a question, that we in the Southern Movement must ask ourselves. Given the fact that we are trying to re-establish the Confederate State of America, we now must come to a decision. Do we accept the citizenship of a country that invaded and occupies the Confederacy, a sovereign nation, or do we re-claim what was ours? Our Confederate Citizenship. Well, do we?

If we claim that the Confederate States of America is indeed an occupied country and that the Government of that country is indeed still valid but vacant, then our answer must be a resounding YES!!! Yes we are citizens of the Confederate States of America, we refute for now and all time any claim to citizenship to the occupying government of the Federal Union.

Now before you start looking for something else to read, let me explain my position.

It is a given fact in this movement, the Confederate Government never surrendered, the only entity that surrendered was the military. Lee surrendered the Army or to be more specific, the Army of Northern Virginia.( He allowed Each Commander, to surrender their own Army). At no time did the Confederate Government surrender, no Articles for the surrender of the government was drawn up. Anyone who is serving, or has served in the military will tell you, the military has no authority to surrender the government, that has to be done separately.

President Davis never did accept his U.S. citizenship back, because he knew that if he did that would be the same as surrendering the Confederate Government.

Many members of President Daviss Government went into self imposed exile, to avoid such an act. I believe, it was to put a kink in the Federals plan for the Confederate Governments surrender. It worked, no high ranking member of the Confederate Government ever surrendered, they stopped fighting for the moment.

But it is to us, their descendants, to carry on the fight. We must liberate our country, we must drive the invaders out and re-claim our government. But we can only do this, if we answer the question, are we citizens of the United States or Confederate States of America? It matters not where you live, but where your heart and soul is.

That is the question, you must answer it now. To quote a famous person, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, I am a citizen of the Confederate States of America. I refute now and for all time, all pretenses of citizenship to the occupying government of the Confederate States of America.

May God grant us liberation,

Charles Goodson

Chairman Southern Parties of the Southwest


Posted By: Redneck Cowboy

Posted On: Feb 18, 2007
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RE: It is time to make a choice.

I have made a decision....I am CSA all tha way. Our schools need ta start teachin that tha truth about tha south. They fail ta mention that it was in fact an American flag flyin and not an Confederate flag. Tha south will rise again!!