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Posted By: Charles Goodson

Posted On: Jun 30, 2005
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proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist flag

For many years, we in the Confederate Movement have been hearing the following,” the Confederate flag is a flag of hate and racism.” The opponents of this flag seem to hit a cord with the public, convincing them that we in this movement are some how racists and should be shund. I would like to counter their charges; I think you will be very surprised to learn what I have to tell you. For those of us in this movement, the Confederate flag is not a racist flag. Nor is it a flag of hate, it is the flag of our country, The Confederate States of America.

Charge # 1: “ The Klan flies the Confederate Flag.”

This is not entirely true. The main stream Klan does not fly the Confederate flag, only one or two Chapters fly the flag; and then they are not in the main stream. These chapters, have broken away from the regular Klan. By mainstream I mean, the one that has the most members. The flag that the Klan flies on a regular basis is the U.S. flag. The two chapters that fly the Confederate flag, are in Ohio and New York, both Yankee states. The Leader of the Klan has even sent out a memo not to fly the Confederate flag, it seems they don’t want to be associated with the flag; which is just fine with us Confederates.

Charge # 2: the Nazi’s also uses The Confederate Flag.

This is almost laughable, in all the Nazi rallies, I have never seen the Confederate flag used at all. The Nazi’s don’t use the Confederate flag, for the following reasons:

1. The modern day Nazi’s, or Neo-Nazis, still follow the teachings of Adolf Hitler.

2. Hitler outlawed the Confederate Flag in 1935; he understood what the Confederate Flag meant. His Government was a totalitarian and Centralist Government, The Confederate Flag stands for States rights and a non-Centralist form Government. I was reading a book that a friend gave me, it was the story of a Wilhelm Bucher. Mr. Bucher’s Great, Great Grandfather fought for the Confederacy. After the war, the elder Mr. Bucher went back to Germany. When Wilhelm Bucher flew his Confederate flag outside his Berlin House in 1936, the nazi’s S.A., (or Storm Troopers) came and took it down. They informed him that it was illegal for him to fly that flag. Not to be undaunted, he had two other Confederate flags. He then flew the First National Confederate Flag.

This time, the S.S. came for him. He was sent to Bergen Belsin, (this was before it became a Concentration Camp) for a period of two years. When he was released, he went home flew his third and last Confederate Flag. The Gestapo came for him this time, they took him to Gestapo Headquarters and shot him in Jan. 1939. So if it is the Flag flown by the Nazi’s some one hasn’t told them of the ban Hitler put on the Confederate flag.

Charge #3: The Confederate Flag flew over Slavery.

While this is true, the same can be said of the u.S. Flag. The u.S. Flag flew over slavery a full 70 years before the Confederate States of America came into existence. The Confederate Flag never flew over the Ships that brought the slaves over here. To top it all off, the Confederate States of America freed her slaves in 1863; the Federal Union didn’t do it until 1868 with the passage of the 13th amendment.

The Confederate flag was a more egalitarian flag than the Federal flag, in that it had integrated troops within its army. In the Federal army, the black troops served in their own divisions and served under white officers. These troopers saw very little combat; they mostly served in servile roles, serving mostly as laborers and personal servants to the white officers.

The Confederate Army used Blacks both as Soldiers and laborers, there were those white officers in the Confederate Army that had personal servants, but this was not the norm. The Black Soldiers in the Confederate Army were paid the same rate as the White Soldier, they were paid more If they served as laborers. Plus if the Black Confederate soldiers found any Northern weapons or equipment, they could sell them to the Confederate Army for about twice what they were worth on the open market.

Charge # 4: The Confederate Flag is an anti-Christian Flag.

This Charge again is laughable, The Confederate Flag is a Christian Flag.

In the picture above, you will notice the third National Confederate Flag. It is the last flag that the Confederate Congress voted into existence in 1864.

The X that you see in the upper left hand part of the Flag, is called the Cross of St. Andrews. This an off shoot of the Scottish National flag, a non-racial flag. For those who don’t know who St. Andrew was, he was a Follower of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To the best of my knowledge, he lived about 70 years after Christ was Crucified. He was slated to die by crucifixion by the Romans, for his witness for the Lord. As most early Christians, he did not feel worthy to die on the same cross as our lord. St. Peter, for example, was crucified on an upside down cross. St. Andrew requested to be Crucified on a perverted cross as well, an X. That is how the Second and Third National, along with the Battle Canton came into existence.

Charge # 5: The Confederate Flag is Anti-Jewish.

Again, no it is not. Many Jews served under this flag not only as soldiers, but also as high officials. One of the most prominent Confederate Jews, was Judah P. Benjamin. Mr. Benjamin was not only the Secretary of State and the Secretary of War for the Confederate States of America, but also the Attorney General as well. He also enjoyed the coveted role of person advisor to C.S.A. President Jefferson Davis, a position that any Gentile would love to have There were other prominent Jews in the Confederate States of America, too many for me to list in this paper. There is even a Jewish Prayer for the Confederacy, Read it below.

Shemang Yisroel, Ad-nay El-hainoo, Ad-noy Achod!

Oh G-d of the Universe! Although unworthy through my manifestold transgressions, I approach the seat of thy mercy, to crave thy favor, and to seek thy protection. I supplicate thy forgiveness, O most merciful Father, for the many transgressions and the oft repeated disobedience, which cause Thee to command destruction over me. Behold me now, O my Father, supplicating Thy protection! Thou who art near when all other aid faileth! O spare me, guard me from the evil that is impending!

This once happy country is inflamed by the fury of war; a menacing enemy is arrayed against the rights, liberties and freedom of this, our Confederacy; the ambition of this enemy has dissolved fraternal love, and the hand of fraternity has been broken asunder by the hands of those, who sit now in council and meditate our chastisement, with the chastisement of scorpions. Our firesides are threatened; the foe is before us, with the declared intention to desecrate our soil, to murder our people, and to deprive us of the glorious inheritance which was left to us by the immortal fathers of this once great Republic.

Here I stand now with many thousands of the sons of the sunny South, to face the foe, to drive him back, and to defend our natural rights. O Lord, G-d of Israel, be with me in the hot season of the contending strife; protect and bless me with health and courage to bear cheerfully the hardships of war.

O L-rd, Ruler of Nations, destroy the power of our enemies! "Grant not the longings of the wicked; suffer not his wicked device to succeed, lest the exalt themselves. Selah. as for the heads of those that encompass me about, let the mischief of their own lips cover them. Let burning coals be cast upon them; let them be thrown into the fire, into deep pits, that they rise not up again." (Psalm 140). Be unto the Army of this confederacy, as thou were of old, unto us, thy chosen people— Inspire them with patriotism! Give them when marching to meet, or, overtake the enemy, the wings of the eagle— in the camp be Thou their watch and ward— and in the battle, strike for them, O Almighty G-d of Israel, as thou didst strike for thy people on the plains of Canaan—guide them O L-rd of Battles, into the paths of victory, guard them from the shaft and missile of the enemy. Grant that they may ever advance to wage battle, and battle in thy name to win! Grant that not a standard be ever lowered among them! O L-rd, G-d, Father, be thou with us!

Give unto the officers of the Army and of the Navy of the Confederate States, enterprise, fortitude and undaunted courage; teach them the ways of war and the winning of victory. Guard and preserve, O L-rd, the President of the Confederate States and all officers, who have the welfare of the country truly at heart. Bless all my fellow-citizens, and guard them against sickness and famine! May they prosper and increase!

Hear me further, O L-rd, when I pray to Thee for those on earth, dearest to my heart. O bless my father, mother, brothers and sisters. (if married: my wife and children.) O bless them all with earthly and heavenly good! May they always look up to Thee, and may they find in Thee their trust and strength.

O L-rd, be with me always. Show me the way I have to go, to be prepared to meet Thee here and hereafter.

My hope, my faith, my strength are in Thee, O L-rd, my G-d, forever— in Thee is my trust. "For thy salvation do I hope, O L-rd! I hope for Thy salvation, O L-rd! O L-rd, for Thy salvation do I hope!" Amen! Amen!

Shemang Yisroel, Ad-noy El-hainoo, Ad-noy Achod!

This prayer clearly shows the Jewish Connection to the Confederacy, one that the public is not supposed to know.

Charge # 6: The Confederate Flag is Anti-Native American.

This is also a lie, spread by the likes of the N.A.A.C.P. and the other racist Yankee groups. There were Tribes that allied themselves to the Confederate States of America, they also fought for them under the Stars and Bars. These tribes were: the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole and Muskogee. They fought under the Confederate Banner, they even had a Cherokee General lead them; his name was General Stand Waitie. Further it was not under the Confederate Flag that the Native American culture was nearly annihilated, it was under the u.S Flag that happened. It was under the u.S. flag that over 3,000,000 Native Americans were massacred, from 1865 to 1911, (this includes all of the tribes, both North and South following the war of Northern aggression).

Now you might be wondering at this point, why you have been told these lies. The reason is simple, to stop you from questioning the Federal Union Empire. The Confederate States of America was the last true Constitutional Republic on this Continent, the kind envisioned by the Founding Fathers in 1781 and 1787.

To be perfectly honest it was not the South that rebelled, it was the North under the Socialist President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln rebelled against and overthrew the Government that was given to us in 1787, the South tried to maintain that Government by leaving the Union; when the Presidential Election of 1860 was stolen by the newly formed Republican Party.

I hope I have given you the proof that you need, to make an informed decision regarding the truth about the Confederate Flag.

Thank you,

Charles Goodson

Chairman Southern Parties of the Southwest



Posted By: brandon hunt

Posted On: Sep 16, 2005
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RE: proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist flag

I totaly think you are right.I fly the confederate flag here and people think im racist but im really not. Its heritige not hate.Really good coment. THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN!!!

Posted By: Johnny Wilkinson

Posted On: Oct 10, 2005
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RE: proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist flag

I'm glad i found this site. And thank you for setting people straite

Posted By: Tim Barnette

Posted On: Nov 15, 2005
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RE: proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist flag

Deo Vindice!
I think everyone should take this text and carry it with them and remember what that grand old flag of the south meant to those who fought and died under its precious emblem. I for one will never relinquish my countries flag and nor will I ever let anyone forget the true meaning of our countries flag. We should be proud of our heritage and always carry on that tradition in spite of what they would have us believe. Great site! and will pass it along to everyone I know.

Posted By: Jason

Posted On: Apr 27, 2006
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RE: proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist flag

It is so true, people now days don't even know what the flag stands for. They see it and automatically label it as a racist flag. Everyone needs a history lesson on the confederacy.

Posted By: donald dailey

Posted On: Mar 26, 2009
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RE: proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist fla

glade and proud to have read this wish the yankee school system in this country could be forced to teach history true. but some black man would cry loud and some dam yankee would come to his aide

Posted By: Cameron Hawkins

Posted On: Apr 6, 2012
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RE: RE: proof the Confederate Flag is not a racist flag

I took screen shots of this and showed a bunch of yanks this. I got a broken nose and a black eye, but of course the yanks went worse off than the man from Dixie. Let the flag forever wave!