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Posted By: Mart

Posted On: May 19, 2003
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Just for kids?

I didnt' see anything on the list that I couldn't do right now, if I wanted to.
Maybee I'm just a big kid but what I miss most is the energy I used to have to all this stuff, again, and again.

Posted By: Chance Furlong

Posted On: May 20, 2003
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RE: Just for kids?

I actually do a bunch of this stuff. I found being immature is the best stress reliever, so when I'm all tense, I watch cartoons, play chinese jacks, and eat a Twinkie. Not all at once, though.

I picked hopscotch, because no matter how awkward I was as a child, I'm twice as uncoordinated now. I've got enough problems getting around on two feet - I can't imagine what I'd be like on one.