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Posted By: Gerry

Posted On: Jan 2, 2004
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Oh the memories

Just tripped over this site. Wow - I WAS the Radio Nova boy/man. I used to imitate all the jingles all the time and still do ! Especially the last one - my favourite one was the last one.

Also how I remember Sunshine Radio. Every Sunday night, the 12 inch remix show with Greg Merriman. I taped them all ! I remember I came across Robbie Robertson & Paul Kavanagh in a visit to UCD in October 88 and ended up winning £50 and a Joshua Tree album for saying what radio station I listened to. I did a bit of the stereo "RadioNova" in the reply and they played it all the day every day for the next 2 months. I have it on tape somewhere as well. Well done great site.

Posted By: Liam

Posted On: Mar 23, 2004
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RE: Oh the memories

Well Gerry, you can currently relive the memories - there's a new station on air in Limerick on 103.0 FM using the old Radio Nova jingles.

As for my favourite station of the 80s, well there are 2 - Big L, while it was there, and then Hits 954.....both major parts of my life in Limerick as a teenager.

These and other memories are available on