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Posted By: J-town

Posted On: Sep 16, 2003
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Learn to read?

You know, if the ladies are going to take cheap shots at all of the men, the least you can do is read the other topics so as not to set yourselves up for random "blond" jokes.

So you wanted "all the above" as a choice? Fine, but you don't have to start multiple threads that state the same thing. Seriously, there are 3 seperate topics about the same thing that all say the same thing in the threads.

Posted By: J-town

Posted On: Sep 16, 2003
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RE: Learn to read?

Forget stuff all the time
Say stupid stuff
Don't listen

I believe some of you gals are guilty of these selections. So don't be so quick to pull the trigger on "all of the above" when you are guilty of some of the very same traits. That's just a wee bit hypocritical.

But what do I know? I'm just a lying, tv watching, sex crazed, crazy driving, messy slobish, angry at dumb stuff, speaking like a fool, never wrong, work talking, bad gift buying, nonforeplay, insensitive, noncommital, flirtatious, forgetful, woman ogling, secretive, childish, nonlistening, taking everything for granted, nonproject finishing oaf that doesn't listen.

Does that about sum it up?

Lighten up, people.

Posted By: Monica

Posted On: Sep 18, 2003
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RE: Learn to read?

LoL! Very well-said.
As I was going through these threads, that very thing popped into my mind. "WTF are these chicks posting so many threads on 'All of the Above'?! Jeez! Just comment on the one! Damn!"

I'm certain that you read my thread. I really have no problem with guys in these ways. In fact, the worst thing that a guy's ever done to me was he told me that he loved me a week into the relationship ((and said it LITERALLY every 2 seconds of silence -- which was often. That relationship didn't last long)).

Most women don't realize that they are just as guilty of a lot of these things as the men are. They're human traits. Some have it worse than others, but everyone does it.

Posted By: Anonymous

Posted On: Sep 20, 2003
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RE: Learn to read?

J-Town, you said nonlistening twice. just thought id point that out.. :D anyways, as far as girls go, none of them can ever make up there minds about what they want so guys, just be urself and if the girl u like doesnt like u, then u probably wouldnt like her if u got to know her better anyways. think about it.