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Posted By: queen bean

Posted On: Sep 17, 2003
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da fellas

i like that my husband plays video games with me. i like that he does and says crazy things. he remembers important dates more often than i do, and as a big plus he's fit and not bald (but i'll love him in 30 years anyway :-)). my point is that i can't believe the stupid **** most women find to complain about. i'd rather the extent of my spousal problems be "bad/stupid presents" than "enjoys drinking and beats me." don't get me wrong, i've never had low standards. i met an amazing guy who loves me as much as i love him, and because we're both still 15 at heart i think that keeps us both smiling. seriously, cut your guy some slack if he's watching the one show he loves once a week or gets you a football for your anniversary. hey, those who play together stay together.
c ya!

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Sep 17, 2003
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RE: da fellas

Rock on, sista! Couldn't have said it better myself. Maybe some of these ladies who are biz-itching all over the place need to get a friend or two or three, or some hobbies outside of their relationship. I think I'd blow up over the little things too if I didn't have any interests besides my little hottie.

Posted By: vidchick

Posted On: Sep 18, 2003
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RE: da fellas

I will say that if you read my "jakked up birthday" comment that I have calmed down considerably since then. My man is very sexy, thoughtful and considerate. I was just looking forward to a very special day and it didn't happen. I now know that I made a huge deal out of one day when all of the other wonderful days we have had in the last 3 years I didn't appreciate nearly enough. It does still irk me, but at least now I'm not raging. What can I say, I can't deny the emotions that I was having at the time. However......we don't play video game together too well as we are both extremely competitive and he is way better than me and I can't stand it:-)