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Posted By: Pikey

Posted On: Oct 30, 2004
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both aswell

I put buy and find but I think it is best tobe able to do both, like on Fable.

Posted By: Snake Eyez

Posted On: Oct 29, 2003
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The only way you can get the full gaming experience is if you can customize AND find and buy. But if I had to pick only one, I'd go with customizing.

Posted By: Fenril_Knight

Posted On: Oct 28, 2003
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Yup Yup!! BOTH

Customization is fun!! But I also prefer finding and buying weapons too.

Posted By: Medkive

Posted On: Oct 27, 2003
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Just like in star ocean the second story
you can get real strong real fast this way if you know what to do. =p

Posted By: one_winged_angel

Posted On: Oct 27, 2003
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I like games with more customization, that way you have more control over things.

Posted By: Prince Izar

Posted On: Oct 27, 2003
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Like I said... Find...Buy!

Posted By: ME!

Posted On: Oct 27, 2003
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customizing weapons like in star wars knights of the old republic gives your weapons life and personality not just generic deadliness

Posted By: Crim

Posted On: Oct 27, 2003
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Customizing is way better.

Posted By: Dalton Of Zeal

Posted On: Oct 27, 2003
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Customizing AND Finding

I myself prefer the two of them together, a la Final Fantasy X.

Posted By: Tsukasa

Posted On: Oct 26, 2003
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Customizing & building weapons in Dark Cloud 2 takes for ever...