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Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Dec 3, 2003
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Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Am I the only one who's way too paranoid to spend all that money right away?
My gut instinct was to take it, keep 1/2 then give the rest away--but then I thought about it. What if the bills were marked and it was part of some terrible plot to pin some regular Joe with a huge crime? Maybe I watch too many bad action movies but I think it'd be smart to wait a while before blowing the load. :)

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Dec 3, 2003
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RE: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

It's always smart to wait before blowing your load Daisy. (nyuck nyuck)

I'm with the group that would nip slowly away at it. But the marked bill conspiracy is a good precaution I've always thought. I'd have to say I'd take it to various change machines & cash in the bills for quarters, then deposit those into the bank(to get fresh unmarked bills) before spending it all bit by bit. Kind of a po' boy's laundering scheme. But I'd buy a few expensive things so when it WAS all gone I'd have something to show for it, like a couple new pieces of furniture, Flat screen TV, new home theatre stereo system, etc...


*sorry if my responding to your post forces it off-topic with off-topic hate responses. :)

Posted By: yo

Posted On: Dec 3, 2003
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RE: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

(nyuck nyuck)? What are you, from 1950?