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Posted By: Atomic Kitten

Posted On: Dec 8, 2003
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Sledding and Schnapps

Why was sledding not an option? That is what I do and there is never a age limit or a no drinking rule, so you can do both.

Posted By: Beth

Posted On: Dec 8, 2003
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RE: Sledding and Schnapps

Sledding was not an option, because the question was "What is the best thing to do INSIDE when it is snowing outside?"

Or do you go sledding indoors?

Posted By: Big P

Posted On: Dec 8, 2003
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RE: Sledding and Schnapps

down the stairs baby, we really did this when i was a kid...we would take all the matresses off the beds and put em on the stairs to make it slick and soft(tho i think i might have nocked a few marbles loose) and then sled away...that is until we accidentally ripped the banister off and wow was my friends mom ****ED.