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Posted By: Ryan

Posted On: Dec 8, 2003
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Booze + Snow = Sloppy Sledding

In my experience with the storm that just hit the east coast, I found it very hard to resist hitting the hills after drinking copious amounts of alchol. Just grab a super sick plastic sled and head up any densly wooded hill and let the good times slide!

Posted By: Bart

Posted On: Dec 9, 2003
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RE: Booze + Snow = Sloppy Sledding

hahahah yeah man! i cant wait till it snows here.

Posted By: Joeged

Posted On: Dec 11, 2003
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RE: Booze + Snow = Sloppy Sledding

Personally i find that booze+snow+snowboard is by far the best thing ever concieved, though it usually ends in a dislocated knee....still fun though.