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Posted By: Comie Dave

Posted On: Dec 31, 2003
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Not so bad..

Im back! I think and know he was and evil man but theres no reson to stomp into his country and take it over......its not done....unless hes a thret...which hes not....****ing american time insted of going to invade a country go play with your own ass holes..please..

Posted By: Beorn65

Posted On: Mar 13, 2004
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RE: Not so bad..

hmm didnt seem to mention the state run rape teams led by Uday (sadams son) or the child cells anywhere from 1-100 goes in a cell if hes a "traitor" or whole families of one man imprisoned because he said one negative thing.......... hmm get a f"ing clue will ya? the wmd thing was a stupid reason but sadam was a disgusting dictator (think we should have left hitler in power? iraqi holocaust was his favorite thing to do) and stop with the whole "americans are stupid, europeans are great" ****....... lol you just sore cuz yo country is a dip**** little guy when we a superpower Sour grapes ya know