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Posted By: Stupid American

Posted On: Mar 21, 2004
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American Gladiators

George vs. John "American Gladiators"-style...I know I'd tune in!

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Mar 21, 2004
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RE: American Gladiators

But George wouldn't show up for any physical competition. He'd wander off & later deny failing to show up. Then they'd find his records buried away in a vault in colorado. Yet that file would prove nothing. So he'd create a commission to investigate the allegations that he never showed up for duty. Then he'd turn around & yell at us all that we need to stop questioning him & focus on what he tells us to. Failing that, he'd send in ground forces to fight Kerry, telling us it's for our own safety. When it comes to light that it's not really about our safety at all, he'd tell us it's to liberate the people of Kerry's campaign. Then when the people working under Kerry ask him to get his troops out of there, he'd say they don't know what they're talking about & that NEED his help. So it'd really be a boring thing to watch.

Then he'd make a monkey face & shout, BUT HE TRIED TO KILL MY DADDY!!

Posted By: your momma

Posted On: Mar 22, 2004
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RE: American Gladiators

GW would never participate in American Gladiators...he'd think it was too gay. He'd then try to change the constitution so that no male/male or female/female matches could take place. GW wants to protect the sanctimony of male/female beatings.

Posted By: Hubba Bubba Dubbya

Posted On: Mar 23, 2004
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RE: American Gladiators

They'd fight, and George would win, and Kerry would be terribly wounded in the fight and declared a hero. Then, Kerry would burn his leotard in protest and start a new organization called GVAG (Gladiator Veterans Against Gladiating) with a bunch of other former American Gladiator contestants. He'd testify before Congress about how gladiator contests are wrong, but nobody would care, and he'd then spend the rest of his life as Royal Consort to the Queen of Ketchup and always wear red.

George would go on to his second term, but it would be always clouded by accusations that he cheated on the obstacle course (one of the swinging pendulums gets stuck but they let him finish the course anyways).

Posted By: perv

Posted On: Mar 23, 2004
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RE: American Gladiators

you said VAG

Posted By: Specter

Posted On: Mar 25, 2004
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RE: American Gladiators

Ha! As soon as I read this poll, the first thing I thought of was making them all run the Gauntlet, so i'm glad others are on the same leve.

Posted By: mtv sucks

Posted On: Mar 25, 2004
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RE: American Gladiators

the gauntlet was the worst show on tv. I cant believe you watch that crap. real world and road rules people have no jobs except being real world and road rules people.

puck is an ass