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Posted By: she's the cheese

Posted On: Mar 25, 2004
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Beastie Boys for Presidents

Beastie Boys are the best possible candidates for President of the USA. They've got intergalactic experience, they're liscensed to ill, they'll fight for our right to party, and they've got more rhymes than Jamaica's got mangos. If they're not qualified candidates than I don't know who is.

Posted By: Harry Pillcrusher

Posted On: Mar 25, 2004
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RE: Beastie Boys for Presidents

I really doubt that three white jewish rappers will ever be president(s). Don't get me wrong, I think Bobo would make a great speaker of the house, Mario C would probably be a good Vice President and Professor Booty would obviously get to be Surgeon General but it's quite a longshot from any standpoint.

Posted By: Beerliquor

Posted On: Mar 26, 2004
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RE: Beastie Boys for Presidents

Eminem isn't old enought to be president yet, right? If he was, he could run on the platform of copyright laws and father's rights.