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Posted By: theshoveller

Posted On: Mar 28, 2004
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mystery men

This poll topic was actually made into a pretty amusing feature film called "Mystery Men" back a few years ago starring Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, Paul Reubens, among others.

Superheroes from that movie:

The Bowler (has dad's skull embedded inside a bowling ball)
The Shoveller (shovels really well)
The Invisible Boy (only invisible if no one looks at him)
Mr. Furious (gets really angry, but no other powers)

Posted By: The Weevil

Posted On: Mar 29, 2004
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RE: mystery men

Even closer is a movie named "The Specials"

Rob Lowe as "The Weevil"

Thomas Haden Church as "The Strobe"

Jamie Kennedy as "Amok"

Plus many more!!

No one seems to know about it... Fuuny stuff

Posted By: Elmo

Posted On: Apr 9, 2004
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RE: mystery men

It seems that you have forgotten the best "Mystery Man" of all: the guy who throws spoons. I don't know his name.