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Posted By: SurgicalStriker

Posted On: Mar 31, 2004
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Im not gay! i think! im not attracted to men. I like women but have turned down the few (about 3 in my life) chances to do anything with women. As for the monikor thing, i have no idea what you are referring to. My SN has been the same since i started playing Starcraft Brood Wars about 6 years ago. So in conclusion, im not GAY! im just chaos. Wierd...psychotic and believes that i have in the past dealt with demons internally. :/ they hurt me. I like pain. ok ill shut up now. Feel free to flame me now.

Posted By: dave

Posted On: Mar 31, 2004
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RE: Zhivago

hey man star craft kicks ass, I dont think your gay. Allthough by the doctors standards you are a flaming homosexual. If you havent done anything with a guy and you dont want to than your stright in my book. Now if you have ever sucked **** for $5.00 at a bus stop then you need to question your hederosexuality. but anyone who likes starcraft is definatally not gay, definatally