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Posted By: Shing-bo

Posted On: Apr 2, 2004
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Magic lasso would be useful

The thing with the magic lasso that would only work half the time would be like okay if you knew that it would work and then not work alternately, and if the bad guy doesn't know that.

So, like you could grab a bad guy with it and be like "Who are you working for?" and he says "I work for the North Korean government," he could be lying or telling the truth. But then you ask, "Did you just tell me the truth?" If he lied the first time, he'll say "Yes," because he wants you to think that he fooled you. If he was telling the truth the first time, he'll say "No," 'cause either way he thinks he's outsmarted the lasso and it's letting him lie to you.

Does that make sense? If the bad guy knew about the alternating lie-truth thing then it might be harder to use the 50/50 magic lasso.

Hey, do you think that confessions made under the influence of Wonder Woman's lasso would be admissible in court? I bet they wouldn't be. I bet they would be ruled inadmissible because of some kind of invasion of privacy issue.

Posted By: dave

Posted On: Apr 2, 2004
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RE: Magic lasso would be useful

sorry dude that doenst make any ****in sence

Posted By: Aurora

Posted On: Apr 2, 2004
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RE: Magic lasso would be useful

It said it only worked half the time, but it didn't say that the powers would be alternating. If you flip an evenly weighted coin there is a 50% chance that you will get heads, but that doesn't mean you will get tails the next time.. your lasso could tell you the truth 20 times in a row before it doesn't work 50 times in a row.

Would it be admissible in court, I would guess that the testimony recieved from a lasso would be just as relevant as someone who takes a polygraph test.