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Posted By: Mr sax

Posted On: Apr 3, 2004
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9 volts

Hahaha... if its only nine volts, but has a current of like 1,000,000 thats still a lot of power, beins how voltage times current is power. owwie

Posted By: Tomas

Posted On: May 2, 2004
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RE: 9 volts

You have not taken ohms law in account. With 9 V you can only give decent current in low impedance materials. You would not be able to light air on fire or kill people. However you could probably damage sensitive electronics, light small light bulbs and recharge your cell phone.

Posted By: mr. white

Posted On: May 29, 2004
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RE: 9 volts

well, i think it would fun, zapping people in crowded streets and stuff...hehehe