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Posted By: wew

Posted On: Apr 11, 2004
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Bee stinging

i can't believe more people would rather have a bee sting inside their nose than have pubic hair thrown in their face!

Posted By: perv

Posted On: Apr 14, 2004
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RE: Bee stinging

most of the girls I know think pubic hair in their face is a turn on. especially if they are accompanied by a meat bag and the one-eyed trouser trout.

Posted By: Space Monkey

Posted On: Apr 16, 2004
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RE: Bee stinging

for one, pubic hair in you face, may be gross, but is easy to remove, a bee sting not only hurts like a bitch, but inside your nose? I just got my nose peirced earlier today, breaking that damn safty pin through the inside hurt like hell, a bee sting would be way worse, and with my nose freshly peirced, I'd just scream.