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Posted By: Tox

Posted On: Apr 15, 2004
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What have you got against bugs

Okay so I voted for the planets duking it out because it made me laugh and because I already thought about that stuff and it got quite intense and well whatever

But I've noticed that most people voting have a thing about bugs. Like bugs crawling in your burger or your sandwich or in your ear and building a house their and having kidbugs and basically screwing around at your expense.

I don't think that's right. I think it's bugist.

See, bugs were here since, like, forever. Since before us. Since before dinosaurs. Since pretty much before planet earth if you believe some of the stuff nasa come out with (i'm kinda making this up as i go along so don't quote me.) Anyway, point is, if a bugs in your burger or in your ear, I pretty much think you deserve what you get.

Seriously. Maggots in your burger?! Either your eating in maccy dees or you've left your burger out to rot for a couple of days - either way you've pretty much declared that the burger's up for rent in bugland. Bugs in your ear?! Chrissakes what are you thinking?! Three words: TAKE A SHOWER! I know it's horrible - I can't remember last time I took one but I'm reassured that I've never had a bug crawl in my ear and make it it's home.

Having established that there's no excuse in a western world full of pesticide and disinfectant and other smelly chemicals for any person unfortunate enough to be alive to have a deal with bugs, here's what bugs have to say for themselves:

- Everyone's gotta have a home, right?!

- You ever seen how efficient we are? Seriously, leave a half full cup of coke near an anthill for like thirty minutes. Watch carefully. We're organised. I'd like to see humans queue up like that...

- That last point was so good we're gonna make it again. That bee dancing thing? You think we're just figuring out where food is? Yeah, we're doing that. We're also listening to our bugleader's propaganda and building a bug army to kick your homo "sapiens" asses off our planet.

Okay enough from the bugs 'cos it's getting kinda freaky now. Anyways I certainly wouldn't vote for the having to end every sentence with "you're a jerk" thing because I pretty much end up doing that anyway, 'cos us bugs and buglovers (if you want to live in the next decade, with the bug revolution coming up and everything, might I suggest you join up while you still can...) think all people are jerks anyway.

Didn't mean to rant. Blame booze.

Posted By: medication man

Posted On: Apr 16, 2004
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RE: What have you got against bugs

notice how nobody replied to this message becuase its to damn long. i didn't even read it.

Posted By: Aurora

Posted On: Apr 16, 2004
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RE: What have you got against bugs

I try not to kill bugs, because I figure they have just as much right to live as I do... However, certain places like my house are off limits to them. I realize they are here, but if they were smart they would stay hidden so I would not be forced to introduce them to my shoe.