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Posted By: Tetyang puok juate

Posted On: Mar 11, 2006
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http;//www.Links.sparklit .com

welcome to ngundeng Church in American
this information About any body in omaha Nebraska the Church open 01 01 2006 in omaha Nebraska
Pleas if you have any question Called Bishop dengTAAth Tetyang puok juate thiep lul both or kuet puoch ngut Gokkuoth
Nuer prophet Ngundeng bong and Son Guek Ngundeng Histories.
Accession Number; 1998.203.4,6 Description;
A national Museum Khartoum) photograph of a pipe (72 cm long)with metal stem and bowl, mouthpiece detached, and with 44 loops of metal attached. The pipe was captured from the Nuer prophet Guek(or Gwek) in 1929 by the district commissioner percy Coriat 1898.-1960 D.C central Nuerland between 1922 and 1931) it is noted as the drum of Guek's father Ngundeng dung dengkur). and was considered captured trophy as part of his paraphenalia as a rebellious leader. After this it was probably kept in the Merkaz store at Akobo along with the drum also captured, before being sent to the Khartoum Museum by the then District commissioner of pibor District, probably also in 1946. This pipe can be seen in a Published photograph being held by Coriat szhortly after its captured possesions belonging to Guek.[CM

Posted By: Jane

Posted On: Oct 30, 2020
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RE: http;//www.Links.sparklit .com

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Posted On: Oct 30, 2020
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RE: http;//www.Links.sparklit .com

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