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Posted By: Webmaster Tetyang puok

Posted On: Mar 15, 2006
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Ngundeng bong hearvent

1 Tetyang puok Bishop dengtaath
2 Kuetpuoch Ngut gokkuoth dengtaath
3 chuol Kang khot gokkuoth dengtaath

4gerwath jocj jany dayom kuoth
5 church member names
nhial DatDungkok
6 Lolchuol git dayom kuoth

7 maychamdul dayomkuoth
8 Ruach Wuol yat dayom kuoth
9 Palgatluak lueng church member
10 Nyarieka Ruon Tut nyawichliey

11 gem lul meat nyawichliey
12 makuach Diw gach dayom Kuoth
13 Dak biel luk dayom kuoth

14 Nya luak puoch gach Nyawichliey
15 magany panom dayom kuoth

welcom any bodies to Ngundeng bong Iwill be Hearven Nuer prophet in Southern Sudanese.
know this is information any one person in omaha Nebraska.
pleas if you have any question called Bishop dengtaath Tetyang puok


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