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Posted By: voucheragile

Posted On: August 19th
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Commercial Register of Estonia

Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)

RIK is a state agency operating under the authority of the Ministry of Justice.
The main purpose of RIK is to ensure an innovative and integrated environment of e-services for more efficient implementation of public administration and application of laws and jurisdiction. RIK is one of the largest IT organisations in Estonia.

It develops and manages different registers and information systems. Among these are the Commercial Register, e-Notary, Land Register and information systems of other areas (the court information system, e-Files etc.). There are around 50 registers under the RIK's supervision.

The Commercial Register of Estonia(a place for company registration in Estonia) operates since 1 September 1995.
The portal of the Commercial Register of Estonia is considered unique in Europe because of the fast and convenient establishment of companies that it ensures. For example, it is possible to register a limited liability company in just a few hours by using an ID-card without even leaving one's house. In addition, apart from searching for companies, the portal of companies can be also used to modify the registration details of a company and to submit annual reports electronically.

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Posted On: August 27th
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